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Smartphone Apps

Smartphones help tech-savvy growers improve crop management
The applications allow users to navigate across the United States, using
Google Earth or Google Maps, and explore soil survey information. The apps
contain a wealth of information about soil properties and landuse
interpretations. The smartphone app ...
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Want to lose weight in the new year? Apps can help
The Boston Globe
Thousands of smartphone applications are available to track weight loss,
analyze jogs or bike rides, or monitor heart rate and blood pressure. Many
can be integrated with social media sites to let friends know how fast you
have run, how much weight you ...
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Uber CEO Responds to New Year's Eve Complaints
All Things Digital
Uber, the San Francisco-based start-up behind a smartphone app that allows
users to request car service, had some users uber-angry today over the
fares they paid for rides on New Year's Eve. Complaints arose on Twitter
about the high price of Uber car ...
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Smartphones, tablets feel the heat
Times of India
The Android platform, in particular, has become a favorite attack target
due to its application distribution model, which makes it completely open
to all parties. The firm said mobile platform threats, which so far come in
the form of malicious apps, ...
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Digital Lifescapes: Freemium Smartphone Apps will Dominate in 2012
Freemium Smartphone Apps will Dominate in 2012. ABI Research believes that
the emergence of the smartphone "Freemium" software application (app)
market ...

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