Jumat, 09 April 2010

Weblogic or wait?

That was the title of an Oracle symposium I attended a couple of weeks ago. I was part of a panel discussing Oracle BPM especially the upcoming version Oracle BPM 11g somewhere in the summer of this year.

The title was chosen because of several existing Oracle customers currently hesitating whether the should choose to stay at previous Oracle products (like Oracle ESB and Oracle IAS / OC4J) or move over to the new strategic products like Weblogic Server and Oracle Service Bus.

Good point, but too generic to discuss this for several customer cases in general. Some customers are still running fine on their Oracle SOA Suite 10g platform. And will be able to get that supported, due to Oracle’s continue en converge strategy. Typically those applications are less business critical or simply would not benefit from moving over to the new platform.

So when would you move over to the new Oracle Technology? Well as always there can be several reasons, but let’s mention a few and elaborate on them…

TCO, of course can be one of the drivers. Easier maintenance tasks, better scaling possibilities, better performance (meaning less hardware) all have a beneficial impact on cost of ownership. But there’s more..

Business agility (yes now we’re talking!) with new deployment techniques rolling out new solutions, either Java EE or SOA based (Oracle Service Bus, Oracle BPEL / BPM) applications becomes significantly easier and faster! This means that acting on business changes by changing your business applications is not a months long nightmare anymore.

Peace of mind with older technology giving you headaches only to keep it running and up-to-date, moving over to the newer Oracle 11g Fusion Middleware introduces you to a highly integrated technology environment. Because of the better support for isolating issues, better performance, far better monitoring functionality, easier deployment and rollback mechanisms, it will give you the peace of mind you need to really work on the topics you want to work on:
developing the nice business applications that make the difference for a company opposed to their competitors!

So if you ask me: “new technology or wait?” I’d say don’t wait, but GO-GO-GO!

Originally posted on Capgemini Technology Blog: Capping IT Off