Rabu, 19 Agustus 2009

Oracle is still buying the Sun…

A lot of you (at least the people in the Java community) are probably curious what the status is of Oracles acquisition of Sun Microsystems. Well since this is a merger that really has a great impact on the market, organizations around the globe sense that it must be considered thoroughly. This means that both the European Union as well as U.S. officials are taking their time to review the deal.
At least Sun’s shareholders have approved the acquisition now.

The slow process might be good for the law enforcers that are evaluating the acquisition, it’s not that good of course for Sun and Oracle at least but also for the Java market as a whole. Uncertainty whether this acquisition will proceed or not will make potential customers hesitate. That will not only influence Sun and Oracle’s position at customers, but also competitors like IBM.

Meanwhile the competition is also taking advantage of the indistinctness in both the hardware area  as well as the software area.

Still this merger of a company which is really dedicated to best way of applying Java and Java Enterprise Edition as the firm basis for their complete product stack and the company that founded Java seems a very good move. Since Java is so crucial for Oracle and the success of their products they would be mad not to keep most of the Java community that is in place currently intact and leverage it. Only because of this vivid community around Java is what it is now, a firm and stable infrastructure for a wide variety of business applications and improving all the time.

Of course Oracle will have to make sure that the competitors that base their products on Java, get their take at improving Java and give input to it. Only this way Oracle, together with the other Java based companies will be able to fight the battle against Microsoft and their .Net platform.

The story continues, the next step will be on September 3. as the European Union will announce whether the acquisition can take place or they will need to do a more thorough investigation. Fingers crossed it will be the first option and the merger will not be postponed needlessly more.

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