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Mobile Hardware

Time for some 2012 predictions ...
ZDNet (blog)
Xbox - Don't expect anything exciting here in terms of hardware. We might
see a revamped console, but it will essentially be a cheaper reworking of
the current hardware. My guess is that Microsoft will continue to push the
Xbox as an entertainment hub ...
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CES 2012 Preview: Cell Phones
PC Magazine
That phone took nine months and a radical hardware change to make it to
market, and it was quickly eclipsed by the Motorola Droid RAZR. So will the
carriers be a little more circumspect this time, or will they get drawn
into partying? We'll see. ...
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5 Best Mobile Computing Investments For 2012
Seeking Alpha
Work is underway to get Android running on x86 but the apps themselves are
hardware-agnostic, which could make Android a great entry point for Intel
into the market. Microsoft (MSFT), the newest and smallest competitor in
the smartphone market, ...
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T-Mobile CEO Welcomes The New Year With Statement, "Energized" For 2012
Think about it this way, the hardware and OS of the iPhone were designed
from the ground up to be perfectly 100% compatible. While Android devices
do have great hardware, the operating system has to be altered each time to
be compatible with the device ...
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10 Reasons to Switch to Linux in 2012
PCWorld (blog)
Linux tends to require much less in the way of hardware resources than
other operating systems do, and there are even distributions designed with
a small footprint as a primary goal. The result is that it's generally
really fast--even on older hardware ...
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Apple Gaines Share in US Smartphone Market
According to new data released by comScore, through survey of 30000 US
mobile phone users, Apple increased its smartphone hardware market share by
1.4 percent in the three months ending in November, acquiring a market
share of 11.2 percent. ...
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Apple's Share of Mobile Hardware & Software Market Rising ...
In the latest 3-month data from comScore, Samsung is the leading
manufacturer of mobile phones in the US while Android is the leading OS for

Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 6000
Microsoft's Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard is a fine companion for an iPad or
other tablet, but it also works well with Windows-based tablets such as the
Windows 8 ...

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