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20 best Firefox SEO addons

There are many Firefox SEO addons released so you might be confused about which to choose here is the list of top and best addons which you must have it and which will help you optimize your website in every way.

1. SEO doctor
Complete SEO tool for webmaster


2. Firebug 
You can edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML,  and JavaScript live in any web page


3. SEOquake
Navigate all important SEO parameters of every  website


4. SEOpen
Check PR, Backlinks, Keywords density, Whois  Info, Alexa, Page load speed and size checker  etc


5. SEO Stats
Backlinks in Socail networking site, Search  engine, Index pages etc


6. Link checker
Check link of your website on other website


7. X ray
View tags without opening source code


8. Kgen
High light strong keywords on webpage


9. Yslow
Webpage speed analyzer


10. Firefox SEO tool
A complete tool for all SEO needs


11. Search Status
Google PR, Alexa rank and fast keyword density  analyzer


12. Flag fox
Checks website server details, Whois,  translation, similar sites etc


13. Sen SEO
Analyze on page SEO


14. SEO toolbar
Shows PR, Alexa Rank etc


15. Swoosty SEO tools
Automatically displays PR, Alexa rank, indexes  pages, backlinks, keyword density, whois


16. SEO stats
Positioning of your webpage in SEarch engine


17. SEO status
Shows Google PR, Alexa rank for every website  visited


18. SEO hand
Track sites placement at Google and Yahoo for  any keyword.Google PR , Backlinks. Graph and  table presentation of the data


19. SEO info
Index pages, backlinks, PR, alexa rank, whois  etc


20. SERP Analytics Google search
It analyse SERP on google.


Kamis, 24 Februari 2011

Send free MMS worldwide no signup

free mms

SeaSMS is a free service which which allows you to send free MMS worldwide without any registration. You can send image, document, video, audio ans size upto 5000 KB The steps are quite easy to send MMS

1. go to seasms.com and navigate to left you will see a option name 'Browse' by which you have to browse the file from your computer and select and hit on 'SEND MMS' button 

2. In same place you will see a different screen asking you if you want to send this MMS to India or out of India select your destination.

3. Again a new fresh screen will appear asking for number of the person to whom you want to send MMS and your name and after inserting required detail now hit 'Send' within few second the person will receive MMS.

The person who have received MMS will get a text message with the link of MMS and he can view that by visiting that link and download

Rabu, 23 Februari 2011

Youngest entrepreneur Suhas Gopinath from India

Suhas Gopinath
Suhas Gopinath

Born 4 Nov 1986 Bangalore, India in middle class family his father was working in armed force and his mother was housewife. 

He started working from cyber cafe. As Suhas was from middle class family he didn't had enough money to spend daily on cyber cafe so he convinced the owner of cyber cafe that he will be running his cyber cafe during his (owners) lunch break and use to do his work. During this duration he learnt HTML and ASP which are required for developing a website and also made some friends in US and Europe through Yahoo Chat.

He wanted to own a website named coolhindustan.com for which he needed sponsership because he didn't had enough money to host it so he approached several Indian companies but none of theme were intrested in his project considering him as a minor child. Atlast his project was sponsored by an US company named 'Network Solutions' for 1 year.

After this successful project he got his very first job offer as freelancer from 'Network Solutions' but he rejected this offer because he wanted to start his own company. But was helpless because Indian law dosent permit minors (below 18) to start business. So in year 2000 he registred a company on name of Cliffords his cyber friend to whom he met through Yahoo Chat and in same year he setup Globals Inc websolution company at California and he was the only 1 worker in the company.

Globals Inc provided webdesigning and started getting more orders and accordingly he increased number of staff and his most of the staff too worked from cyber cafe. He didn't appointed staff by qualification but by their efficieny abd attitude. After that Globals Inc had grown as MNC-IT focused on Web development, e-Commerce and Mobile solutions. Globals Inc is now spreaded worwide in all major countries like US, Australia, Bahrain, Britain, India, Italy, Spain, Germany, Singapore, and Nigeria. Globals Inc had served more that 400 clients worldwide including Fortune 500 companies. Number of staff is now 400+


* At 14 he was recognized as the world's youngest web develop for his project 'coolhidustan.com'

* Fortune 500 company offered him job of $2000/week pay a chauffer driven car and an executive apartment.

* At age of 16 recognised as the world's youngest entrepreneur by CNBC and e-Business, Canada.

* At age of 17 recognised as the world's youngest CEO by leading major media across world including BBC, Washington Times, Times of India and many others.

* In 2002 The European Parliament and International Association for Human Values conferred “Young Achiever Award” to him.

* In  the year 2005 he became the youngest recipient of the Rajyotsava Award conferred on him by Government of Karnataka.

* A non profit program named 'Building Entrepreneurship Skills in Youngsters' was initiated by him for whcih he was greatly acclaimed by the India's former president A P J Abdul Kalam and former Union minister Shri. Arjun Singh and many other awards and achievements


His US based Globals Inc had developed "Student Management System". This system will inform parents about their childrens if they are in class or not through SMS or email. And also their performance, behaviour, attendence etc in class. Virtual marksheet on website itself.

Suhas is planning to shift his headquaters from US to India for which Karnataka state government had provided him 10 acers of land

Selasa, 22 Februari 2011

Blogs accepting Guest Post 80+

Guest post are very popular now-a-days. Every bloggers who are serious about blogging know the importance of guest blogging. Some importance of guest blogging are Getting backlinks, Improving PR, Brand name, Popularity, Traffic and many other.

Guest Posting is always free so why not take full advantage of it !!

I have prepared a list of 80+ blogs that accept Guest Posts and will help you.

If your blog too accepts guest post and its not mentioned here then you can let me know by comment I will update it in this list.

guest post

1. www.mashable.com
PR: 8     Alexa Rank: 256      
Topic: Socail Media

2. www.readwriteweb.com
PR: 8     Alexa Rank: 2273      
Topic: Tech

3. www.problogger.net
PR: 7     Alexa Rank:1827      
Topic: Blogging

4. www.SEOmoz.org
PR: 7     Alexa Rank:1167      
Topic: SEO

5. www.searchenginejournal.com
PR: 7     Alexa Rank:3640      
Topic: SEO

6. www.labnol.org
PR: 6     Alexa Rank:1908      
Topic: Tech

7. www.dailyblogtips.com
PR: 6     Alexa Rank: 4218      
Topic: Blogging

8. www.copyblogger.com
PR: 6    Alexa Rank: 2912     
 Topic: Blogging

9. www.quickonlinetips.com
PR: 6     Alexa Rank: 6095      
Topic: Blogging

10. www.reelSEO.com
PR: 6     Alexa Rank: 8794      
Topic: SEO

11. www.chrisbrogan.com
PR: 6     Alexa Rank: 7727      
Topic: Socail Media

12. www.shoemoney.com
PR: 6     Alexa Rank: 6023      
Topic: Make Money Online

13. www.makeuseof.com
 PR: 6     Alexa Rank: 1193 
Topic: Software, Internet tips

14. www.fonearena.com 
PR: 5     Alexa Rank: 3451 
Topic: Mobile Phones (price, Specifications, News, Reviews)

15. www.blog.2createawebsite.com
PR: 5     Alexa Rank: 5398
Topic: Tutorial, HTML

16. www.bloggingtips.com
PR: 5     Alexa Rank: 12331      
Topic: Blogging

17. www.freelancefolder.com 
PR: 6     Alexa Rank: 12815 
Topic: Freelancer

18. www.blogussion.com
PR: 5     Alexa Rank: 24175      
Topic: Blogging

19. www.techie-buzz.com
PR: 5     Alexa Rank: 5732       
Topic: Tech

20. www.searchenginepeople.com
PR: 5     Alexa Rank: 13577      
Topic: SEO 

21. www.invesp.com 
PR: 5     Alexa Rank: 25701

22. www.animhut.com
PR: 5     Alexa Rank: 68540      
Topic: Socail Media

23. www.sem-group.net
PR: 5     Alexa Rank: 149885     
 Topic: SEO

24. www.johnchow.com
PR: 5     Alexa Rank: 5934          
Topic: Make Money Online

25. www.howtomakemyblog.com
PR:     Alexa Rank: 31109        
Topic: Make Money Online

26. www.clickfire.com
PR: 5     Alexa Rank: 33860      
Topic: Webmaster resources 

27. www.connectedinternet.co.uk
 PR: 5     Alexa Rank: 59370

Topic: Tech, Mobile

28. www.commentluv.com 
PR: 5     Alexa Rank: 111779 

29. www.amitbhawani.com
PR: 4     Alexa Rank: 5004     
Topic: Tech

30. www.techpp.com
PR: 4     Alexa Rank: 8761      
Topic: Technology

31. www.shoutmeloud.com
PR: 4     Alexa Rank: 3437      
Topic: Blogging

32. www.famousbloggers.net
PR: 4     Alexa Rank: 9369      
Topic: Blogging

33. www.devilsworkshop.org 
PR: 4     Alexa Rank: 14302      
Topic: Tech

34. www.youngprepro.com
PR: 4     Alexa Rank: 17349      
Topic: Entrepreneur

35. www.tricksdaddy.com
PR: 4     Alexa Rank: 23771      
Topic: Blogging

36. www.madrasgeek.com 
PR: 4     Alexa Rank: 27971 
Topic: Blogging, Social Media

37. www.dragonblogger.com
PR: 4     Alexa Rank: 27604      
Topic: Blogging

38. www.dailySEOtip.com
PR:     Alexa Rank: 32727      
Topic: SEO

39. www.mazakaro.com
PR: 4     Alexa Rank: 37831      
Topic: iPhone, Blogging

40. www.bloggingjunction.com
PR: 4     Alexa Rank: 35586      
Topic: Blogging

41. www.smartbloggerz.com
PR:     Alexa Rank: 35432      
Topic: Blogging

42. www.blazingminds.co.uk
PR:     Alexa Rank: 51990      
Topic: Blogging

43. www.bloggodwn.com
 PR: 4    Alexa Rank: 45378 
Topic: Blogging, Social Media

44. www.carlocab.com
PR: 4     Alexa Rank: 45328      
Topic: Make Money Online

45. www.bloggodown.com
PR: 4     Alexa Rank: 45378      
Topic: Blogging

46. www.serradinho.com
PR: 4     Alexa Rank: 59445      
Topic: Blogging, tricks

47. www.rinf.com
PR: 4     Alexa Rank: 65601     
Topic: Marketing

48. www.serradinho.com
PR: 4     Alexa Rank: 59445      
Topic: Blogging

49. www.themepremium.com
PR: 4     Alexa Rank: 57129     
 Topic: Blogging

50. www.techzoomin.com
PR:     Alexa Rank: 60295      
Topic: Blogging

51. www.pcsplace.com 
PR: 4     Alexa Rank: 61677
Topic: P C Tips and tricks

52. www.betterbloggingforbloggers.com
PR: 4     Alexa Rank: 316874
 Topic: Blogging

53. www.catswhocode.com
PR: 3     Alexa Rank: 10280 
Topic: Blogging

54. www.catswhocode.com
 PR: 3     Alexa Rank: 10276 
Topic: Web Development

55. www.blogsolute.com
PR: 3     Alexa Rank: 11741      
Topic: Tech

56. www.callingallgeeks.org
PR: 3     Alexa Rank: 19231       
Topic: Technology

57. www.techmaish.com
PR: 3     Alexa Rank: 21757      
Topic: Tech

58. www.bashbosh.com
PR: 3     Alexa Rank: 35884      
Topic: Make Money Online

59. www.npxp.com
PR:     Alexa Rank: 37388      
Topic: Socail Media

60. www.niharsworld.com
PR: 3     Alexa Rank: 37849      
Topic: Mobile, iPhone, Blogging

61. www.earnersblog.com 
PR: 3     Alexa Rank: 38585
 Topic: Affiliate Marketing

62. www.comptalks.com
PR: 3     Alexa Rank: 39633      
Topic: Computer Help

63. www.shankerbakshi.com 
PR: 3     Alexa Rank: 50332 
Topic: Blogging, Make money online

64. www.myblog2day.com
PR: 3     Alexa Rank: 57187      
Topic: Blogging

65. www.tricksmachine.com
PR: 3     Alexa Rank: 65710      
Topic: Tricks

66. www.slymarketing.com
PR:     Alexa Rank: 82115     
 Topic: Internet marketing

67. www.technogati.com
PR: 3     Alexa Rank: 83269      
Topic: Blogging

68. www.eblogtip.com
PR: 3     Alexa Rank: 102100     
 Topic: Blogging

69. www.hacktutors.info
PR: 3     Alexa Rank: 84193      
Topic: Hacking, tricks

70. www.techinfo-4u.com
PR: 3     Alexa Rank: 338957      
Topic: Technology

71. www.speakbindas.com
 PR: 3     Alexa Rank: 265322
 Topic: Knowledge, Interviews

72. www.daneblogger.com
PR: 3    Alexa Rank: 447060      
Topic: Make Money Online

73. www.bloggin-ads.com
PR: 3     Alexa Rank: 1054459      
Topic: Blogging

74. www.scopeformoney.com
PR: 2      Alexa Rank: 26187      
Topic: Make Money Online

75. www.wpHostingdiscount.com
PR: 2      Alexa Rank: 97120      
Topic: Blogging

76. www.gdiworkathome.com
PR: 2     Alexa Rank: 263064
Topic: Affiliate, Make Money

77. www.techtickle.com
PR: 2     376540
Topic: Tech, Blogging

78. www.techiemania.com
PR: 1    12109
Topic: Tech, Blogging, SEO, Social Media

79. www.kish.in
PR: 1     Alexa Rank: 100335
Topic: Blogging, Tech

80. www.hellboundbloggers.com
PR:    Alexa Rank: 14066      
Topic: Tech Blog

81. www.techhamlet.com
PR: 0     Alexa Rank: 73329       
Topic: Tech, Tips & tricks

82. www.bayofblog.com
PR: 0     Alexa Rank: 80994      
Topic: Blogging, SEO, SMM

83. www.techlunatic.com
PR: 0     Alexa Rank: 145782      
Topic: Blogging, SEO

84. www.collegefallout.com
PR: 0     Alexa Rank: 148098       
Topic: Entrepreneur, Business

85. www.hackhow.com
PR: 0      Alexa Rank: 2834644      
Topic: Hacking tricks

Minggu, 13 Februari 2011

Lengthy posts are SEO friendly

Lengthy posts are SEO friendly you might be thinking how ?

I am talking about code to text ratio of your website. Code to text ratio represent percentage of actual text in your webpage. It is taken into consideration by search engine to judge relevancy of page. All major search engine give page raking by considering code to text ratio of the page. Although it is not very high contributor to rank high in search engine but it is very important. Because of high competition your website must be optimized in every possible way for search engine. There are some advantages of having better text ratio  Rank higher in search engine. Improve your Page Rank. Code to text ratio will also differ for every page or every post of your blog.


How it is calculated ?

It is calculated by the total size of code and text in your webpage.
Example : I checked text ratio of my own blog MaheInfo
Web Page Size :
89920 Bytes = 88 KB

Code Size :
79940 Bytes = 78 KB

Text Size :
9980 Bytes = 10 KB
Code to Text Ratio : 11.1 % Which is low but trying to improve.

There are many online tools to check ratio but I will recommend SEOchat and Collinsinternet.

To check your code to text ratio CLICK HERE or  CLICK HERE

How much minimum text ratio is required ?

Minimum text ratio must be 15 %.


What to do if my text ratio is below 15 %

If your blog is new than it is sure that your blog will have very less content and your text ratio will be very low. But you can increase your text ratio rapidly by following points.

Theme : If you are making a new blog then try to choose a clean and clear theme because clean theme have very less and light weight html coding.

Content : Write a lengthy content. Lengthy content will increase text on your blog. But make sure it is relevant to your blog.

Keyword density : Don't repeat same words many times in the posts especially words which you have used in Title repeat them where they are necessary. There is no maximum limit of keyword density so I will suggest you to use maximum 4-6 times a word which you have used in title.

Clean : Clean up all unwanted HTML codes ans space in page by using online tools.

Java and CSS : Avoid as much as possible to avoid Java script and CSS styles and if it is not possible to avoid then move them to external files.

Frames : Avoid using frames in your web design because frames need heavy html codes. Use CSS instead of frame code.

( You might be thinking I told in previous point that avoid CSS and in very next point I am telling to use it. It is because to CSS is lighter than normal codes )

Addons : Don't add too much addons or widgets in your blog. As we all know that all the ad dons and widgets are created by huge codes which will increase your code ratio and decrease your text ratio. Try to avoid unwanted addons.

Update : Update frequently with new posts. Keep wide variety of topics on your blog in order to get more content and there are many more ideas to increase content on your blog.

Images : Images must not be more than 30 KB. Image size more than 30 KB increase load time and web page size.

Sabtu, 12 Februari 2011

Update X10 to 2.2 or 2.3

Ok, so i'm my boredom last night, I paid xda-developers a visit to see what's new on the scene. As a pissed off owner of the Sonyericsson X10, I decided to 'stick it to the man' & use a custom ROM to update the X10 to Android 2.3, and boy is it a step up for the X10!!

I can finally use Flash based web-sites, get rid of Sony's bloatware and use the X10 to its true potential!

It really is like getting a new phone!!

For all you X10 owners out there who want to try the update, here is my step by step


Here is what you will need:
1 x Sonyericsson X10 phone
1 x USB cable
1 x Windows based PC
1 x Android 2.2 or Android 2.3 ROM - Download one of these & copy to the memory card on the phone
1 x Google Apps - Download this & copy to the memory card

Ok, here we go......

1 get sony ericsson update service, update your phone or press repair if update isn't shown - This will update you to Android 2.1 with baseband 2.1.54.

2 download the flash tool at the start and root your phone with it

To gain root acces it`s quite easy. Just have to do this:

  • On your phone check "debbuging mode" on Setting > Applications > Development
  • Plug you USB cable
  • Open your flashtool and click on Root box
  • Wait a few seconds and your phone will reboot

3 install xRecovery with the flashtool from Advanced > Install xRecovery.

4 make sure your chosen rom is on your sd card easy to find and roms gapps if applicable - 

1 x Android 2.2 or Android 2.3 ROM - Download one of these & copy to the memory card on the phone
1 x Google Apps - Download this & copy to the memory card

5 Now unplug from the PC & turn the phone off. Wait 30 seconds & turn it on. As soon as the Sonyericsson logo appears (the 1st one), start pressing the back button. This will load xRecovery. In here, click 'Backup/Restore' & back up your phone


7 In xrecovery choose install custom zip and find your chosen rom (the one from step 4) and install it. Then install the Gapps.

8 Reboot and enjoy ;-)

Kamis, 10 Februari 2011

Facebook fan page updated features

Today morning when I logged in to my facebook fan page account I was surprise to see some upgraded feature added in it. Check out what upgraded are added on facebook fan page.

 These are the following category in which changes are been made

Navigation are now on left side which make it easy to use.


Some new settings are been integrated like Page Visibility etc


This is what I like the most Facebook recommend page similar to your niche and your page in others profile it will increase fan numbers.


Now latest photo are displayed on top.

Use facebook as your page         
Like blogs now top post will be shown on facebook fan pages