Minggu, 27 Maret 2011

Why and how to design About Me page

design About Me page


You should not overlook 'About Me' or 'About Us' page of your blog. Most of the visitors will land to your about me page. Visitors are always very eager to know about you and about me page helps visitors for that.
Simply listing your name and address in about me page is not enough. About me page must be designed in such a way that visitors must get attracted towards it.


1. Write about yourself and little about what type of person you are.
2. What do you do.
3. Your past experience if any.
4. When did you started blogging and this blog.
5. Services you provide if any.
6. What all topics your blog covers.
7. Your goal (dont make it too much lenghty).
8. Photo of your self.

Make your About me page lenghty but not too much and write it in paragraphs.

Jumat, 25 Maret 2011

Download (backup) your facebook account data

download facebook data

Download or backup all your facebook account data to your computer.

Download includes Your Profile, Photos, Videos, Wall posts, Messages, Events, Friends list, Notes. Its really cool idea if you have lost your some of your facebook data then you can recover it by this downloaded file.

How to download or backup facebook data ( videos, photos, wall posts, messages, profile ) ?
  •  Login to your facebook account
  •  Go to 'Account'  >>>  'Account Settings'
  • Go to bottom 'Download  Your Information' and click on learn more link
  • Now click on 'Download' button which will appear in pop up window
backup facebook data

After submitting request you will receive a download link in email.

Now follow that link and it will ask your for friends photo detection to conform that you are owner. After completion of this process download will start. An zipped file will be downloaded containing your data.

Rabu, 23 Maret 2011

Send encrypted & secure email (password protected)

Sending private data by email such as Credit card number or password or any private data is not safe. So if you want to send private data online then Lockbin is the solution for it.

Lockbin is free online service which allow us to send encrypted (password protected) email. Its very easy to use.

Visit www.lockbin.com on home page you will see a button named ' Start Now! ' 

Now it will ask for your name and email and Recipient email and password for encryption of email. Remember this password because it will be used by recipient to unlock and view email.

Insert your email data and attach any file if you want to and check the box below and Submit it. 

The email will be received by received with an link to the email and will ask for the password to view this email. Send the password to recipient SMS of any other way after receiving email he can unlock it.

Note : Lockbin is also available on mobile www.lockbin.com/m

Selasa, 22 Maret 2011

Spice M900 with Projector Dual SIM-Rs 6500

Spice M900 with Projector

Spice is one of the leading mobile brand in INDIA and now it has released it new mobile M900 which have a very special feature and inbuilt PROJECTOR. This mobile phone is also have some more cool features like 3.2 MP Camera etc at very low price. So check out its features.

1. Dual SIM 
2. 2.4 inch display
3. FM radio with recording
4. 3.2 MP Camera
5. WAP, GPRS and Bluetooth
6. 1200 mAH Li-ion battery  -  3.5 hr talk time and 300 hr stand by
7. Up-to 16 GB expandable memory
8. Dimension 119.2 * 50.3 * 17.35mm
9. 123 grams weight
10. Java
11. Microsoft Office
12. PDF Reader
13. Laser pointer

Price INR Rs 6500


Senin, 21 Maret 2011

Firefox 4 final release free download

firefox4 final free download

And finally Firefox 4 final version is released and available free for download. Firefox RC ( beta version of firefox 4 ) was released long time back and now the final version is also released. The link for downloadinf Firefox are given below.

Firefox Setup4.0     for Windows
Firefox4.0             for Mac
Firefox4.0             for Linux

Download and enjoy

Add alt tag in blooger image-Blogspot image SEO

Adding alt tag to Image is important to make your image SEO optimized. Search engine rank your images by its alt (alternate) tag. SEO for images is as important as content. When some one makes image search. Search engine finds images by its alt tag and shows the result. Wordpress has an option of adding alt tag while uploading image but blogger (blogspot) doesn't have it but you can add it manually just by following these steps.

1. Go to blogger account >>> New Post >>> Add image

2. After adding image now go to 'Edit HTML' option ad shown in Image

 blogspot alt tag images
blogger image seo

3. Now find image code which will look like this

border="0" height="101" src="https://image............2.JPG" width="400"/>

4. For adding alt tag for this image put  alt="your image description"  before the closing tag.

5. After adding alt tag to above image code it will look like this.

border="0" height="101" src="https://image............2.JPG" width="400" alt="your image description"/>

And your image is fully optimized for Search Engine. Repeat the same procedure for all images you want to optimize for search engine.

Note : For better optimization of image. Image alt tag must not be less than 2 words and not more than 5-6 words.

Sabtu, 19 Maret 2011

What to do when some one keep clicking your adsense ads

fraud clicks adsense

It may happen that you clicked accidentally on your own adsense ads for which google may not penalize you until you hit multiple clicks because Google know that it may happen doesn't take it seriously.

A normal Page CTR of google adsense is 2-5 % and suddenly your Page CTR goes to 15-30 %. Its not a good news don't be happy that your CTR has increased it means that some one is trying to terminate your account by clicking fraud ads hits. Google will terminate your adsense account if it finds such a huge CTR with fraud clicks.
Now the question arises what to do for this issue ?
The solution is very simple you just have to report this issue to google. You can submit it by the given below link.

After visiting this link you just have to fill the given form and submit it. Google will take into consideration that you have not done it and will not terminate your account.

Firefox release on 22 Mar with new features

Firefox 4 with new features Tab Manager

Firefox 4 will release on 22 March and will be avilable for download from 7 AM according to American time.

Recently Microsoft launched its IE 9 and Google Chrome is improving day by day and now Firefox will release its new version with some really cool additional features like -

Tab Manager
Dubbed Panorama
GPU accelerator for increasing speed
Addons Mahager
Synchronize with central server

Design will be same like Chrome and IE 9 and tabs will be above address bar. There will be very high competiton in IE, Chrome and Firefox lets see who wins.

Mozilla is planning to release its 5,6 and 7 version in 2011with some minor updates in Firefox 4

Kamis, 17 Maret 2011

Listen to PDF ebook with Adobe Reader

listen to pdf file

If you tired of reading PDF file e books and wanna do some thing interesting then this is great idea. Here are some short cuts of Adobe Reader which will enable you to listen to e books.

Ctrl + Shift + B  -  Read

Ctrl + Shift + C  -  Pause

Ctrl + Shift + E  -  Stop


Blogger added new widget 'Follow by Email'

Blogger reveled about its new look of Dashboard and now added a new widget 'Follow by Email'.

This widget is same as feedburner 'Subscribe by Email' widget but this widget has one advantage you don't need to create feedburner account. Blogger will create a feedburner account for you and you just have to do is to add this widget.

For adding this widget go to 'Design' >> 'Add a Gadget' >> and select the  'Follow by Email' and you have done it all

Note : If you are having a feed burner account then blooger will ad a new feed in your account for this widget. If you wanna use the same widget then while adding this widget change the feed name by your old feed. 

Selasa, 15 Maret 2011

Blogger new look of DASHBOARD and POST EDITOR - Something new & thrilling in blogger 2011

World biggest blogging platform BLOGGER has always been preferred initially and is one of the most easy to use and free blogging platform. In 2011 there will be something very exiting in Blogger. Blogger dashboard will be having a complete new design in 2011. As it was first published on Google Official Blog.

Blogger has recently just introduced to two new updates.

A newly designed DASHBOARD and POST EDITOR with Modern, Elegant and Clean look.

blogger new dashboard
Blogger New DASHBOARD look

blogger new post editor
Blogger New POST EDITOR look

As seen in the photo Dashboard have some new upgraded features having left sidebar with all blog list and page views of them. I am very exited to use the new blogger but the when the new blogger dashboard will be available is not been mentioned. 

Now watch Movies on facebook

watch movies on facebook

Now you can watch movies on facebook. Warner Brothers with facebook have made it possible for facebook user to watch online movies but as this is in initial stage only US resident can avail this facility.

If you are living in US and wanna use this facility you just have to pay a nominal amount $3 per movie or 30 facebook credit. After paying this amount you can view movie for 48 hrs.

To use this service you just have to allow an application to use you details and make payment. Currently there are 4 movies available The Dark Knight, Mafia Wars, Inception, Live Nation and more will be added as per user reaction.

Jumat, 11 Maret 2011

Enter the RIFT

So this is my Rift Review. I'll address what I think makes the game good, bad, and unique with a lot of in depth points. So let's get to it, shall we? 

I've been playing the game for a total of 8 days now, and believe i have experienced a lot in the game itself, and with all this under the belt, it's time I voiced a good opinion on the game.

The first thing I note about the factions, is they actually make themselves feel alive. Before the Shade and Regulos' reemergence, it's possible to believe that at some point in time that the two factions were just one wide planet with some key differences, and then they had their two radical splits. This is different then most MMO's where everyone hate's each other for the sake of it, while here everyone hate each other because of this great disaster and the sides chosen

Each of the six races on Telara have their own unique feel to them, and while not many, their racial buffs get to the point and save a lot of the unneeded 'well this is nice, but this doesn't fit' factor. And unless you're an RP'er, or you really hate the ideals of a faction, you can base your race on what you want to do, with the racial buffs seamlessly fitting into place.

Character Creation
This is one of the THE best character creators I've seen in an MMO, in fact the only thing better I could think of is the creation depth of Dragon Age: Origins. Though I do with there were a lot more markings and many more hairstyles. 

Starting Zones
While from a flavor perspective, and the sake of telling the story, I can see why everyone gets the same starting area. However one of the few things that I did like about WoW was that everyone got their own starting area. While doubtful, I am hoping that when the game is released, everyone does get their own starting area, and the Future Story is something special for the beta testers. 

The World
Short of that feeling that everything starts out seeming like other MMO's, it has a very unique feel to it. The random appearances of Rifts drastically changing the environment around them is a real boon, as it's always fun to have one open up right on top of you. As you move along in the world, it starts to feel less and less similar, and more like it's own unique place.

The Classes
Much like all games, you get your set of classes, and what makes each one unique isn't so much the base class as the different souls you can combine. I've never seen a game have such depth in simply taking your character where you want. Want to be an effective healer AND an effective tank? it can be done. Want to fight from long range and teleport? It can be done. Self healing DPS? It can be done. The amount of different combination given by the soul trees is amazing, and it's one thing that I feel will keep the game fresh for quite some time. 

The graphics will require some people to get upgrades, but I feel that the age of making games for everyone's graphics are coming to an end. It's visually stunning to see the game on high settings, and if you really intend to shell out for this game, i suggest a graphics upgrade. The animations are well done, though narrow. This isn't a bad thing, since when you take a look, most MMO's have between 5-10 animations that they reuse with different flares for uniqueness. 

There's not much for me to say about crafting short of it feels like most MMO professions and that I haven't done much with my professions due to simply enjoying the game itself. It feels very Warcraft, where I personally prefer the Crafting on Final Fantasy XIV.

After playing Warcraft (2 Years), Final Fantasy XI (6 Years) & Final Fantasy XIV (6 months), I can say that this is so much of a refreshing change to me. WoW was fun, but it seemed so forced to someone like me, who generally didn't like it as much as the kids do. Warcraft is very cartoon-like, and is soooooo easy. Even my 10 year old has a level 51 character!! And he has only been on Warcraft for 8 months. Final Fantasy XI & XIV are the complete opposite of Warcraft. Leveling is hard, Crafting is hard, and in Final Fantasy XI, getting a party together is almost impossible nowadays. Final Fantasy XI & XIV makes you earn everything, where Warcraft gives you everything.
I have high hopes for Rift. The graphics are 2nd only to Final Fantasy XIV, and the gameplay is easy to pick up like Warcraft, but I feel everything is not fed to you on a spoon like Warcraft.

Although Final Fantasy XIV will remain my number 1 MMO, Rift now overtakes Warcraft in number 2.

Kamis, 10 Maret 2011

How Google adsense detect fraud or invalid clicks

fraud clicks

If you think that you are enough smart to earn by clicking on your ads or else you will pay some one to click on your ads or change IP etc etc. It will not work to know more keep reading.

IP: Google keeps eye on every Internet Protocol (IP) from which ad click is generated. Multiple clicks from same IP are considered as fraud or invalid.

Browser: In dial-up internet connection every time your connect after a period of time your IP chages so google along with IP address also keep watch on your browser detail whenever any click is generated google finds if they have got more clicks from same browser even to different website still google consider it as fraud clicks. For checking your current browser detail CLICK HERE

Location: If very high number of clicks are generated from a particluar small area then all clicks are considered as fraud clicks.

Search engine ranking and traffic: Google see that if your website is receiving high CTR and your website is not listed in search engine or not getting enough traffic from search engine than google will reduce your eCPM or not pay you considering clicks as fraud clicks.

Cookies: Google will read cookies of your browser so even if your restart your computer or internet connection it will easily identify.

Hardware: Your Media Access Control (MAC) address of the LAN card is known by Google and these details are impossible to change. So it make easy for google to trace fraud clicks.

Requests: Google also inspect your web design. If you have requested to visitors for clicking your ads by a written note such as "Click Here" "Support us by clicking our ads" or any other then google will ban you.

Google services: For example if you go to some other computer or cyber cafe and you are not logged into your adsense but in Gmail or Orkut or Blogger or Doc or Youtube or any one google services  and you clicked on adsense ads. Still google will detect fraud clicks because it keep eye on fraud clicks through its other services also.

Minggu, 06 Maret 2011

How to add Google Analytics code in blogger

1. Go to Google Analytics and create a  account.

2. Go to 'Add website profile' and enter your  website address in required field set your  country and time zone and save it.

3. Now you will see a piece of code at right  bottom side copy that code.

4. Go to your blogger account >> Design  >> Edit HTML

5. Now find tag in HTML code and  paste the Analytics code just before closing  body tag () and save template.

Now check if your code is properly installed  or not

6. Go to Profile and click on 'Edit' option

At right top side you will see 'Check  Status' click on it and it will show status if  code is installed properly or not.

Jumat, 04 Maret 2011

Download facebook photo albums - Firefox addons

If you want to download photo albums from your facebook account than FacePAD is the best and easiest firefox addon to download your facebook albums.

Download Here

After downloading

1. Go to your facebook album and right click on and select the option 'Download album with facePAD' as shown in the below image.

Selasa, 01 Maret 2011

Blogs accepting Guest post and Adsense revenue sharing

1. Shoutmeloud
PR    4    Alexa Rank  3k+

2. Devilsworkshop
PR    4    Alexa Rank  14k+

3. Tricksdaddy
PR    4    Alexa Rank  23k+

4. Serradinho
PR    4    Alexa Rank  59k+

5. Techhamlet
PR    4    Alexa Rank  65k+

6. Callingallgeeks
PR    3    Alexa Rank  18k+

7. Techmaish 
PR    3    Alexa Rank  19k+

8. Themobicrunch 
PR    1    Alexa Rank  327k+

9. Mobilewix
PR    0    Alexa Rank  149k+