Rabu, 05 November 2008

The I in IT...

Today during lunch I had a nice discussion with some colleagues about information sharing between for instance the Dutch government and the US government whenever someone is flying to the US.

It's interesting that especially people in the IT industry are pretty paranoia about their personal info and who get's hold of it. Probably because we know what you could do with the information if you get hold of it.

Personally, I think that it is no problem if information is shared as long as the purpose is clear and it can really prevent something or enable pro-active handling. That's currently not yet the case I think. To my opinion a lot of information is shared and stored, only to be touched whenever something has already gone wrong, not before...

Another interesting thought is what if, like with open source software, everyone would share all of his own details? I know that currently nobody would present his bank-account balance on a blog or post his mortgage details on twitter. But it's an interesting thought... Who would have predicted that today so many software vendors would provide the source code of their software to the community years ago?

Who knows what happens to the I in IT :-)