Jumat, 06 Mei 2011

10 Most Amazing 3d Street Painting

According to Wikipedia Street painting has arrived from Europe (16th century). Street painting is also known as chalk art, pavement art, sidewalks. Street paintings are mostly popular in USA, Europe, UK a getting popular around the world rapidly.

Here are some Best and Most Amazing street paintings I found on internet check out.

Selasa, 03 Mei 2011

Facebook Chat - Use Facebook Chat on Desktop

Facebook Chat is the greatest feature that made facebook No.1 in socail networking. Facebook chat made even more easier for buddies to  connect with each other without installing any  external application but to chat with your facebook buddies you need to login to facebook  every time. If you want to use only facebook chat directly these are the best application for  you to download these are the great application  that helps you to chat with your facebook friends from desktop.

Chit Chat

Chit Chat is very small and easy to install and  application allow you to chat with your facebook  buddies and update your status. This messenger  is very clean and clear in design and user  friendly. Its shows your online as well as offline  friends list and give notification when any  message is received.

Gabtastik is vey light weight chat application it  supports Facebook Chat and
Google Talk. It  also gives notification of messages. But if you  are using Windows XP then your need .NET 2.0  installed first.

Disgby along with facebook chat feature it  allows you to maintain your other chat account  AIM, G Talk, ICQ, MSN, Jabber at the same time  and you can use all chat messenger at one time. Digsby is highly loaded with features like  renaming contact, Send SMS, Update status,  managing email accounts and performing  actions on emails like sending email, marking it  as read or spam. It keeps you up to date from social networking notifications and you can add  your Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn account. If you are a blogger or webmaster than  your can add an widget in your blog or website.

Pidgin also allows you to login with multiple chat  network at same time. You can maintain  account of AIM, ICQ, G Talk, Jabber, MySpace  tec on it. This messanger give you many  features by using plugins.

Senin, 02 Mei 2011

Order & Chaos Online

After buying this game, I really, really thought it was worth my time & effort to write a little review. The game has only been out for a few days, so this is by no means a complete review.

Enjoy :)

Order & Chaos is a MMORPG for most iOS devices.

The game is made by Gameloft they are pretty much known for taking popular console or PC games and making a similar game for your mobile device.  There are allot of people that complain about this.  But I for one am happy they do this because you get very ambitious games like this.  Also they do a pretty decent job at it.  This game will be mainly compared to a little game you may have heard of called World of Warcraft.

Order & Chaos Online is £3.99 in the App Store.  This comes with 3 months of online subscription.  As far as I can tell you can keep on playing even if you do not pay the monthly fee - you just get limited access to in-game content. After the 3 months you will need to pay monthly at 59p, 3 months at £1.19, or 6 months for £1.79.  I don't feel this price is to much if they are able to keep people interested and able to provide new content.

The game contains 4 races Human, Elf, Orc, Undead.  You can then choose between male or female.  Then you can choose your class Warrior (good we weapons and armor), Mage (powerful spell caster), Monk (important healing skills), Ranger (good a ranged weapons). When you get to customizing it seems a little limited.  So not sure how many configurations of characters you are going to see out there.

The controls are fairly standard for this kind of 3rd person view you have.  The left side virtual thumb stick controls your characters movement.  You can swipe just about anywhere else to look around.  On the right you have your options for attacks and spells and jumping.  

Menus are pretty straight forward.  You can look at your Bag it contains your items.  Under Character you see what clothing, armor, weapons you have equipped.  Quest is where you can select or view and drop quests you have accepted.  Spells is where you can change the spells you are using also under Talents you can upgrade your talent tree.  I have not gotten much into the Social or Team options but will try them out soon.

Graphics on this game are very good.  This could easily be one of the best looking games on the iOS platform at the moment, and shows the iPhone / iPad can compete with the DS & PSP. Although the screen looks a bit cramped on the iPhone version, it still looks amazing.

I don't have allot to talk about game play other then it seem to be pretty standard getting a quest and doing what you need to finish it.  I am hoping there is some good variety in the quests.  I really don't want it to be come a grind fest. The game is also missing a few key items that I hope Gameloft will bring soon. There are no Dungeons, no real raids & no Mounts. None of there are missed at the moment, but when players start hitting the level cap (I believe it's 50 right now), these thing will be essential to the games survival.

I believe this is a game that will keep me playing for some time. It wont make me leave Final Fantasy XIV or Rift, but I think this it's a game I can pickup and play when there is nothing on the TV, or when i'm in work :). This could really be World Of Warcraft mobile. After I get some more time into this game I will post a full review.