Senin, 31 Januari 2011

Enable auto reply email in Gmail and Yahoo Mail

Enable auto reply email in Gmail and Yahoo Mail. It helps a lot for many people to auto reply to an email. Whatever may be your reason to send auto reply email. It may be to save time by Replying Thanks email. To give a special note about your unavailability etc etc. Below are the given steps how to enable it on Yahoo mail and Gmail.

Enable Auto response in Gmail

1. Login to your Gmail account
2. Go to 'Settings' at top right side
3. Click on 'General' and Check 'Vacation responder ON' and write your 'Subject' and 'Message' and you have a option if you want to send auto reply email to the people in your contact then Check 'Only send a response to people in my Contact' and Save settings.

Enable Auto response in Yahoo Mail

1. Login to your Yahoo account
2. Go to 'Settings' at top right side Click on 'Option' and 'More Option' and 'Vacation Response'.
3. Check 'Auto-response duration during your vacation' option and turn on auto reply.
4. Set time for auto reply and fill the blank field with your message under 'Generic Response' and save it.
5. Automatic reply message will be sent to the email which is delivered in your inbox.

Jumat, 28 Januari 2011

How to attract readers to blog-5 tips

To keep visitors reading your blog for long time is very difficult task if your blog design doesn't have proper features to attract visitors. Today we are going to talk about how to make your blog attractive and keep visitors sticky to blog for long time.

1. Background : The very first feature your blog design must have is a proper and SEO friendly background your blog's background must be matching to your blog. It should not be very dark color which makes unable for reader to read your blog and if your reader is using slow internet connection then it will take very long time to view your blog & your blog will be visible only after it is full loaded. Most of the dark color are not SEO friendly which may be tha biggest disadvantage for your blog. So always try to choose background color which is SEO friendly. (light colors are preferable)

2. Font : Its very important to choose correct type & color of font. If you font is too small to read or too big than naturally your blog will not look presentable. The font which you choose must be be easily readable, match to background color & size must be 14-18 for post content & high for header etc all templates have pre sized font which are easily readable if it is not then you can resize it. Most widely and common used fonts are Arial, Verdana.

3. Logo : Picture speaks thousands words. You must have seen all the top bloggers having exclusive logo. Why they are doing this ? To make their blog as brand and it is easy to remember a picture (logo) than text (url). If your logo is attractive than user will remember your blog URL very easily. Logo makes your blog look like a professional blog and give a professional touch to your blog so always have a nice, attractive and simple logo.

4. Post Picture : As I mentioned in above point that picture speaks thousand words. Picture must itself speak about the whole post. So while choosing picture try to choose the best one or create of your own imaginary idea. If you dont get appropriate picture or you are unable to create a picture then dont add any picture publish your post without picture that must be more better.

5. Monetization : Monetizing you blog is necessary for you to earn money but monetizing too much will loose your readers and visitors. I have visited some blogs which are having too much ads. Excesses monetized blog will take very long time to load and will disturb your reader while reading. Ads must be placed in the way so that reader dont get disturb while reading. So its better to keep just 2-4 ads on a page.

Senin, 24 Januari 2011

What is SERP-4 best SERP checkers

One of my readers ask me through comment at post (6 reason why your Blog is not making Money) about SERP links checker. If you too have any question that drop it through comments or contact form. Lets starts with little intro about SERP. SERP is a part of SEO which is most important part for driving traffic through search engine.

search engine rank position

What is SERP?

SERP stands for 'Search Engine Result Page'. SERP is a of webpages for one or more keywords entered by users to check page ranking on search engines.

Importance of SERP

You might be thinking why SERP are important. If you are having Website or Blog than SERP are neceassary for you to check where your web page rank in search engine because maximum traffic is gained by search engines so its very important to check and improve your search engine ranking.To check your website or blog SERP these below given are some very effective and fast SERP checker.

1. SEO Centro

This online tool help you to check your as well as your competitors Page ranking together. This also shows your search engine result page below the report. It's also very fast and easy to use.Extra free services provided by SEO Centro are Meta tag analyzer, keywords analyser, link popularity, Key words suggestion etc
Check Your Search Rank here

2. Mike's marketing tools

Mikes marketing tools provides very fast search rank position of your website. you just have to enter keywords which you want to check and your website URL thats all and it will show how well your page rank in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing. It also provides other free services like Adword wrapping, keywords, link popularity checker.
Check Your Search Rank here

3. Search Engine Reports

Search engine Reports helps you to check your search engine ranking with mulitple key words and its fast. It also have Plagiarism checker which allows you to check if some had copied your data the plagiarism checker shows result even any 3-4 words are been matching with others.
Check Your Search Rank here

4. Site Report Card

This powerful online tools helps you to check four sites at a time with same keywords. It shows the result if your website is lised for the keyword in top 100.
Extra feature free online image optimization.
Check Your Search Rank here

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Minggu, 23 Januari 2011

Send long SMS free in India-5 free long SMS services

SMS are very popular now-a-days I have already written a post on free SMS last month ( 8best website to send free in India instantly ) in which all the websites just allowed you to send just 140 to 160 characters SMS. After reading this post one my friends asked me for long SMS which are more than 300 characters. Below given are most preferable free long SMS sending websites. You can also send free SMS by your mobile if you are having GPRS.

long sms free service

1. iBibo

Ibibo is the biggest socail gaming site in India and it provides free SMS of 300 characters but limited. Ibibo has its mobile version and you can send free SMS from mobile too.

2. CodeSMS

CODESMS let you send FREE SMS to any network in INDIA. You can send 320 character SMS. Preschedule Sms online. You can add contacts and create friend groups etc. They deliver SMS within 5 seconds.

3. SMS7

SMS7 let you send 440 characters SMS for free and its has many more features check this out.

4. Mitthu

You can send 300 characters SMS and this service has numbers of templates that you can choose to compose SMS.

5. MyCantos

You can send 320 Character long SMS

Jumat, 21 Januari 2011

Check your Mobile Phone Oraginality and quality by IMEI number

check quality of mobile
We all have mobile phones. But when we go to buy a brand new mobile at Mobile showrooms the prices are charged as per MRP where else when we go to buy the same mobile at local mobile store we get it at discounted price. the question rises is Why ? Is there any quality difference etc etc.

But if you wanna check that if your mobile is of which quality or where it is assembled then follow the below steps.

Step 1. Press *#06# note down your IMEI number

Step 2. Now count 7th & 8th digit of IMEI number

* If your IMEI number's 7th & 8th digit are 13 this means your Mobile phone was assembled in Azerbijan & it is Bad Quality and Dangerous for your health.

* If your IMEI number's 7th & 8th digit are 02 or 20 this means your Mobile phone was assembled in Emirates & it is of Very Bad Quality.

* If your IMEI number's 7th & 8th digit are 08 or 80 this means your Mobile phone was manufactured in Germany which is of Fair Quality.

* If your IMEI number's 7th & 8th digit are 01 or 10 this means your Mobile phone was manufactured in Finland which is of Good Quality.

* If your IMEI number's 7th & 8th digit are 00 this means your Mobile phone was manufactured in original factory which is of The Best Quality.

So which quality your phone is check it and share with me by comments.

Selasa, 18 Januari 2011

6 reasons why your blog is not making money

blog making money

Blogging has become main income source for many bloggers and many part time blogger are migrating to full time blogging. But when it comes to money making from blog it's not easy for all of them to make it.

But why?
What's the reason?

I have reason why all bloggers can't make money by blogging.

1. Blogging for money : Blogging is not just for money money. Money making is second priority but writing quality content for readers is first. Blogs are been created to share your knowledge & you must be passionate about that. Many bloggers start blogging thinking about making money from blog right from the day 1 but this is wrong. According to W. J. Cameron Money never starts an idea, it is the idea that starts the money. So give your readers quality content. Don't blog for money blog for passion and money will automatically flow to you.

2. Copying : When someone is new to blogsphere they don't get any topics to write so they straightly copy content from other blog or website and paste on their blog. By this terrible action they are banned by search engines neither they get any traffic by search engine nor by any other source. And they loose their goodwill.

3. Goal : Before starting blogging most of blogger don't set any GOAL to achieve very very few bloggers set goal to achieve. GOAL setting is important because you must know what you want to achieve without that you will not get any path for going forward. It might happen that you after setting goal you may not achieve your all goal but something you may achieve. GOAL makes you work hard ads sincerely. So have a GOAL before starting any blog. According to Brian Tracy
Goals are the fuel in the furnace of achievement.

4. Give up : After starting a blog and running it for few days if you doesn't get any traffic you get demotivated and stop blogging. But don't do this it will take time to get traffic for you blog at least a month to get a small traffic that's why you must have GOAL. Don't give up till you achieve your goal.

 5. Monetizing : proper monetization is very essential for earning money. Don't add to much ads on blog that will increase your page loading time and negative impression on readers. Monetize less and ads must be related to your blog niche.

6. Design : Your blog outlook must be unique, attractive, simple, clean, clear, and proper structured so that visitor must fell to read your content. If you blog doesn't have these 6 quality then you may not get traffic. You might have noticed that all the top and pro blog spend lots of bucks for design of blog.

Senin, 17 Januari 2011

Top 10 blog directories to submit blog

Blog directories plays very essential role for blog quality back links and traffic building. Submitting the blog to directories is very necessary to rank top in search engine and get traffic. Today I will give you the list of most essential & popular blog directories list.

Rank     Name of Directory
Page Rank
Alexa Rank

1.     Dmoz

Launched June 1998 Dmoz is Open Directory Project by Mozilla & manually updated & its very difficult to get listed in Dmoz. Click here to submit

2.     Technorati
Launched Nov 2002 founded by Dave Sifry. Technorati is a blog search engine which helps blogger to get traffic. Click here to submit

3.     About
This directory is started by & also having huge list of article on each and evry topic. Click here to submit

4.     Boingboing
Launches 2000 founded by Mark Frauenfelder and Carla Sinclair. Click here to submit

5.     Blogs
Having vast list of blogs in each and every category. Click here to submit

6.     Mybloglog
Launched Jan 2005. It is a social networking for bloggers. Click here to submit

7.     Botw
Founded 1994. Click here to submit

8.     Icerocket
Founded 2004. Search engine for blogs. Click here to submit

9.     Bloggernity
Click here to submit

Click here to submit

Kamis, 13 Januari 2011

Aircel Introduced Facebook Voice updates - Update your status from mobile withou internet

Aircel is one of the leading telecom service provide in India with 50 million customers. facebook is the toppest social networking site on the whole world. As we all use facebook we use it daily it has become a part of our life it has recently crossed user of 600 million around the world.

Aircel & facebook partnership had introduced a new & innovative way to connect with friend now you can record your voice and update on your wall and your friends can listen to it.

To start using this service you have to follow below steps

1. Call 51555 (normal call charges) - select language - while holding the call a screen will appear asking you your id & password

2. Enter login detail register your facebook Id

3. Conform the plan.

Charges will be 5 Rs per week and 1 Rs per minute for every time you update which is dirt cheap for this cool feature.

So good luck and ENJOY

Selasa, 11 Januari 2011

Type correctly with eType, eType helps to type correctly

While writing any thing we always make mistakes and its common. If you are a blogger and you make lots of mistakes in your posts then you may loose your reputation, goodwill. To prevent these mistake eType is the software which will make spelling mistake correction at the time of typing.

Etype is a very small program you just have to download it after download install it. It supports windows xp, Vista, 7. Etype can be used in wordpad, notepad, outlook, MS Word, Chrome, Firefox, IE while typing. After installation just have to use short enable it on the window which you are typing & it will automatically show words with list after typing some characters. It also have many more cool features like dictionaries of many languages. To download eType click here.

See the Example

Minggu, 09 Januari 2011

14 Ways to make money from your blog or website

There hundreds of ways for making money online from website or blog but all of them doesn’t work. Some of theme work for particular category website. So I thought of making list of ways to make money from website or blog which really work for all category it doesn’t matter how your website or blog is. Enjoy the list.

1. PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising It is most common and widely used method by websites & blog to make money. In PPC the webmaster displays ads on its website & when some one clicks on ads & views it the webmaster get paid. The PPC rate differ from agency to agency. The most common & widely used PPC advertising network are

* GOOGLE adsense

* Chitika

* Clicksor

* Yahoo advertising & many more the list is endless

2. CPM (Cost Per Mille) Advertising In CPM advertising even if the ad doesn’t get any clicks still the webmaster get paid for just publishing the ad for per 1000 impression. The minimum rate for 1000 is $ 0.10 to $ 10. It depends upon unique visitors quality of content average time of visitor on page. Some popular CPM advertising networks are

* GOOGLE adsense

* Value Click

* Affinity

3. Direct banner advertising This method is growing rapidly now-a-days. In this method the publisher get direct contact with advertiser through websites which act as agent for both parties. Some popular sites are


* etc.

4. Affiliate marketing The publisher will only get reward for driving customer or visitor to the advertiser website website. You will get many website paying for affiliation. Some popular are

* CJ

* Clickbank

* Linkshare

5. Sponsored reviews It is network mainly works for Blogs. The blogger is paid for writing review of a any product, website, service etc. The of pay depends upon popularity of blog, traffic, page rank.

6. RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed ads RSS technology is very rapidly grown & widely used by millions of people. RSS is mainly use to save time. The publisher also insert ads in RSS & can earn money the pay depends upon the subscriber of RSS.

7. Private forums Many website owners and bloggers are making their own Forums to earn extra money. Many people use forums for getting back links. It is beneficial for both visitor and publisher. Popular forum software providers are

* Vbulletin

* Vanilla simple

* Php BB

8. Paid survey and pools By taking pools and survey on website you may earn a side by side huge income. But the pool or survey must be related to your niche.

* provides service for this.

9. Selling or renting Internal pages By selling or renting your internal page to other for the product or for their any purpose. I feel that it is a bad idea.

10. Donation By adding donation button (Donate us, Want to buy beer for me etc) I don’t know weather this button works or not. But it looks cheap.

11. In-text advertising In text advertising is growing day by days. Almost all of us are aware of In-text advertising. Most popular In-text advertisers are

* Infolinks

* Kontera

* Triggit

* Built in text

12. Pop ups & Unders This is the highest paying method. In this method when someone visit website a new window or on the same window full page advertisement is displayed. Some popular advertisers are

* Tribal Fusion

* Pay Popup

13. Audio ads The publisher is paid to add audio file on website & when some one listen to the audio the publisher get paid.

14. Selling the website or blog The very last option to earn is to sell your website or blog. The rate of website is calculate as per popularity, traffic, page rank etc. the best places to sell website or blog are FORUMS.

Sabtu, 08 Januari 2011

Top 5 best FTP Client

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is used for downloading or uploading files from internet. FTP makes it very easy to download & upload files on internet. FTP is mostly used for uploading scripts, themes etc on server. There are many freeware & shareware FTP client to download but these are 5 best FTP clients given below.



3.Fire FTP


5.Core FTP LE

Senin, 03 Januari 2011

How to Unsubscribe from unwanted and spam mails

We all are subscribed to many mailing list in which most are spam. Even after unsubscribing to these mailing list we still get mails from them. provides a service which do unsubscribing unwanted email work for you. Unsubscribe will not allow email in your inbox which you don’t want. Once you unsubscribe it is done. Unsubscribe support all top email provider Yahoo, Gmail, AOL & others also. It supports popular browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE etc.

To start with you just have to signup with them it’s free.

There are two plans 1st is free which provides only 5 email unsubscribing per month


2nd is only $19.95 per year you’ll have the hassle free ability to Unsubscribe unlimited emails.

8 Best website to send free SMS in INDIA instantly

Even though SMS rate in India are dust cheap (even free) still people use online free Internet to Mobile SMS because of non delivery of SMS on time. Even big players of telecom industry In India have failed to provide a decent SMS service so Internet to Mobile SMS are in huge demand now a days. So I have prepared a list of some free internet to Mobile SMS provider which provides SMS services much more better than our mobile service provider and the delivery of SMS is super fast.


I am using fullonsms from past 6 month & the delivery of SMS is very very fast even before you close the window the message is delivered. Also you can create group of 10 people.

If you are register on ibibo you can send free SMS by linking your mobile to it. You can also play free social games & many more things.

The url itself denotes that it provides 160 character free SMS.

Way2sms is also free SMS sending website it have many other services related to SMS sending. You can create your email ID youname@way2sms.


Youmint also have earning program by ads, referral.

smsjunction have both free and paid SMS service & also bulk SMS.


Sabtu, 01 Januari 2011

Top 35 Most popular Social Bookmarking Websites

After setting up a website or blog the very next and important thing you need is traffic for blog. There are many ways of getting traffic but Social Bookmarking is very effective and free way fo getting traffic.

Why Socail bookmarking?

By submitting your post or story to these social bookmarking site it will increase your traffic, backlinks, popularity. Improve search engine ranking and crawling.

Rank    Website Name                Page Rank

1.               8

2.                   8

3.                 8

4.       8

5.              8

6.           8

7.                    8

8.                   8

9.            8

10.     http://www.delicious/                    7

11.                   7

12.            7

13.               7

14.              7

15.                 6

16.           6

17.                    6

18.                6

19.                  5

20.                  5

21.             5

22.        5

23.                      5

24.             5

25.                  5

26.              4

27.                4

28.                       4

29.                    4

30.       4

31.            4

32.            3

33.         3

34.              3

35.              3