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Model & Price Of Nokia

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New Straits Times
Here are five technology trends likely to change the way we work, play and
connect this year With Windows Phone models, including two Nokia Lumia
models and the Android Ice Cream Sandwich-based Samsung Galaxy Nexus to hit
Malaysia within the first half ...

Brier Dudley First look at shiny new gadgets
The Seattle Times
The company is expected to announce details of new Windows Phones,
including the new Nokia handsets and models that work with 4G LTE networks.
Microsoft is also going to be showing Windows 8 running on Ultrabooks,
traditional PCs and new tablets based ...

Why HP's TouchPad tablet was bound to fail: Analysts
Times of India
Like Apple's iPad, the TouchPad had a 9.7-inch touch screen and cost $500
for the cheapest model. Apotheker said WebOS would expand to more devices,
including PCs and printers. And what Palm lacked - resources, engineers and
marketing power - HP would ...

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Alcatel-Lucent not in crisis, must grow cash in 2012 - CEO
Telecompaper (subscription)
He called for regulation focused on user needs, rather than just price, and
a business model for increased investment in the digital economy. Verwaayen
added that unhappy shareholders (who have called for him to step down) are
not hard to find when the ...
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