Kamis, 14 Desember 2006

So much going on!

Hi! Yep you're right it's been quite a while again since my last post, but there's so much going on at the moment.

Currently I'm working on an International assignment for the largest Postal firm in Germany (well which company will that be?!) . It's a stretched assignment which fits in great with the Fast Forward program I'm in. The project is based in Bonn in Germany and so far it's been a great experience!

Besides that I've been to a training this week at Les Fontaines, Capgemini's training center in Chantilly, France.
It was great! Although it took so much energy physically, it returned so much mental energy and strength. The training called "Emerging leadership", actually took us on a journey through what leadership means, which styles there are, what style(s) you might have and most of all being authentic. The last item meaning so much as sticking to your own values in whatever you do. To me that means from now on keeping a close eye on my work life balance, especially since I'm abroad a lot at the moment.

Well another thing going on at the moment is that I'm in the process of writing an article together with colleague Sid B. Dane, about the combination of SOA and RIA (Service Oriented Architecture and Rich Internet Applications for the few of you who haven't been swamped by the Web 2.0 and SOE (Enterprise) buzz ;-)) so soon you'll be able to judge that I hope....
Another idea for an article is coming up at the moment probably about Configuration Management then.

And finally with the holiday season coming up, Shuap (the band I play bass-guitar in and sing) is going to play at a children's Christmas service. I'm really looking forward to that!

Rabu, 08 November 2006

First Fast Forward module!

As mentioned before I'm currently in a young leadership development program, called Fast Forward (FFWD). This program has been setup to ensure the future leadership within Capgemini Netherlands.

This first module was mostly about getting to know each other. Well we sure got to know each other ;-)
At the end of two days at least my conclusion (and I think others felt so too) was that being someone who's leadership skills are noticed by the outside world most of the time has to do with how much you've experienced in the past.
What I mean is that most (if not all) of the FFWD participants seem to have a "history", meaning they lost a relative, have been in an accident or somehow had an experience that changed their life drastically. Especially their view on life and how and what they want to achieve.

Besides this serious stuff we also did some fun stuff, like:
Making an helicopter flight, doing a GPS survival tour and some crossbow shooting.

At the end of day two the energy level for most of the participants was fairly low, but the mental energy level was very high. A good feeling is what remains at this moment!

We'll see what the next module will bring us... The location (Les Fontaines) is alright so...

Jumat, 03 November 2006

Yep I sold it....

As I told you earlier I got myself a Canon 350D camera... So it was time to sell the got old (well old...) 300D or Rebel as the rest of the world calls it.

I tried the dutch e-bay site marktplaats.nl, but that turned out to be a mistake... A lot of 300D's there and eventually a shitty price!

So I thought hey what the hack, I might as well sell it to my brother-in-law. He likes to play around with photography since he's been in Mexico this summer, still analog back then (seems like ages ;-)) and now he's moving on into the digital world! Posted by Picasa

Kamis, 02 November 2006

The next post....

As you can see it's hard to get into the Blog rhythm...

Here is a try to get it on!

I've been uploading some pictures to my picasaweb site (http://picasaweb.google.com/arjan.kramer) like the one you see here from my daughter! Take a look around, I think they are nice ;-)

A lot happend the last few weeks, a couple of highlights:
- I got the Canon 350D digital camera! Woowie!!!
- I'm currently working (with a couple of colleagues of the German part of Capgemini) on a Proposal for a big German company. I might have to go there for approx. 6 months.
- I was asked to participate in a Leadership development programme within Capgemini Netherlands!!!

I will get back with more on these topics soon ;-) Posted by Picasa

Senin, 13 Maret 2006

First post....

Well, I finally managed to startup a blog...

This is my first posting, hope you'll come back and check my blog again!

Yesterday our daughter Anne-Roos was christened in the church in Buurmalsen. It was a very nice moment in her (until now still) short life.
The band I play in, played a couple of Christian songs during the service, and Anne-Roos was just sleeping during the whole thing!

Hope to show you some new pics soon!