Kamis, 06 Desember 2007

Genesis: IT starts all over

Under the codename Genesis, BEA is working on a couple of products, solutions and technologies to enable the so called Dynamic Business Applications of the mid and longer term future.

The two main drivers or goals for Genesis are industrialization of the SOA Infrastructure and enabling collaboration in an organization via Enterprise Social Networking.

As far as the industrialization of the SOA infrastructure is concerned, we'll see work moving from the integration layer upward to the more higher levels of the SOA. At the moment a lot of effort goes into integrating systems with custom applications, whereas the future will be that the SOA infrastructure will be more Out-of-the-box and can be bought in a store around the corner. Standard adapters being available for everything! This means that even a BPM specialist will not be dealing with integration issues, but more with the real issue, being the business!

To get all of the magic at the SOA Infrastructure aligned correctly above the SOA layer the BPM layer can be found, which will provide a business driven way of looking at the services available within a company. This will mean getting the most value as possible out of available services and being able to respond to changes within a companies market quick and agile.

And finally Web 2.0 will (have to) come into the enterprise! This means that what we see happening now on the Internet (Blogger, Flickr, Facebook, Hyves, etc.) moves into the boundaries of companies. Because of this movement the new buzz word "Enterprise Social Computing" was introduced, which comes down to people sharing ideas via internal blogs, co-workers commenting on that, valuating thoughts and ending up with better ideas or solutions by combined knowledge and effort. This might even end up in employees writing their own mashup application of that particular SAP service with (the old example ;-)) Google Maps.

In other words as with the bible's Genesis, IT starts all over!