Kamis, 04 Oktober 2007

Las Vegas, Barcelona, Scheveningen... What's next

The last couple of months can be best described as: New, hectic and fantastic.

As I told you I've been in the Fast Forward Leaderschip development program for almost a year now and at the end of this year one of the assigments was to write a positioning paper on what the first year brought you and what you did with it during that year.
Well to my opinion I grew in a professional way, showing leadership in technology knowledge and the way I perform at customers and within Capgemini. As a natural result of that I was asked to present at Inforum 2007 (www.inforum2007.com) a big conference of Infor a large software vendor which can be placed besides Oracle and SAP, at least that's what they do ;-)
So I've been to Las Vegas for this conference and did my presentation on combining CRM and SOA and what it can bring your organisation "Where SOA meets CRM", and it was great!'
I'm writing this while I am at the BEA World 2007 conference in Barcelona about BEA and there SOA strategy, currently listening to a great story about transformation to a Out-of-the-Box SOA infrastructure, which you buy and can use, without hard implementation only having to worry about implementing the business processes. My next blog will be at that topic.
Next week I will be at the Infroum Benelux 2007 event in Scheveningen, holding the presentation I did in Las Vegas mainly for the Dutch customers of the Infor CRM Epiphany product.

Besides that we (my wife Bea and I) bought a new house (see my photo album) and we got the great news that Bea is pregnant so we're expecting our second child approx. mid april 2008! Isn't that great!!!

So as you can see the last couple of months were hectic, bringing a lot of new experiences, but it was fantastic and I'm looking forward to all the new experiences that are waiting for me in the next period!