Senin, 02 Januari 2012

Mobile Cloud

View of Military Clouds From a High Perch
Signal Magazine
Another attractive point of the cloud is its ability to enable a mobile
work force. The military is interested in that for several reasons,
including flexibility and being able to tie identities to information
regardless of network or access point. ...
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Intel Sales Jacked Up - Thanks to Cloud Computing
Retirement Planning
After having such sales, the company immediately shifted its main focus on
chips and data centers that support cloud computing. The cloud computing
industry seems to be a need as Androids, smartphones, tablets, and other
mobile devices rises. ...
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Ericsson: Mobile operators should evolve in 2012
Broadband Expert (blog)
Mobile operators should also take the lead when it comes to technology
trends on the rise, including mobile money, Near Field Communications and
cloud based services. Ericsson region head for Ericsson in Southeast Asia
and Oceania, Arun Bansal, ...
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