Senin, 02 Januari 2012

Mobile apps making

Automator workflow of the month: Automate app backups
In the second action, click on the first pop-up menu and select Make
Sequential. The Place Number pop-up menu should read After Name and the
Start Numbers At field should read 1. In the Finder, navigate to the Mobile
Applications folder, which, ...
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Chichester-based Hairport UK celebrates success
Bognor Today
The number of people who flocked to Hairport UK at the event was a strong
indication of how popular the concept of making mobile hairdressing
accessible at special occasions was going to be. One of the founders, Ben
Sperry, explains the business model ...
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Advertising Mobile Food Apps
By Gourmet Ads Staff Writer
For all consumers who hate their grocery shopping or are often at a loss
for what to buy, mobile food apps are ideal. Mobile apps are now a hot
trend, and to make the most of this new advertising method, advertisers can
use Gourmet Ads as a ...
Gourmet Ads

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