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Gurbaksh Chahal Young and Richest Internet Entrepreneur of World from India

Gurbaksh Chahal

Younge Entrepreneur Gurbaksh Chahal how he made $340 million till the age of 25.

Who is he?

Gurbaksh Chahal is also known by his pet name ‘G’. He was born in Tarn Taran, Punjab, India. When ‘G’ was 3 year old his parents come to America and stayed with friend because of instability in India. ‘G’ stayed with his grandmother in India till age of 4 yr. When he was 4 he also was brought to Amerca by his parents ans was admitted in school.

His Entrepreneur Journey

When 'G' was 15 he was taking college courses while still he was in hidh school. His parents wanted him to be a Doctor or Engineer but he was not interested in science. (more).

Oneday 'G' came to know about a company name DoubleClick which was providing internet ad service. After hearning this he was intrested in make such business but he didn't know how to program. Then he found a guy in London providing such software and technology for which 'G' paid $30,000. Started online company with help of his brother. Just after 3 month he made revenue of $ 1,00,000 and $ 1million in a year. He named the company "ClickAgents". Then a investment bank called and asked him if he is intrested in selling ClickAgents and 'G' sold it for $40 million.

Again he found a second company name "BlueLithium". BlueLithium was the next generation ad network focusing on data, optimization and analytics and was a pioneer of behavioral targeting. In no time this company boomed and in Oct 2008 Yahoo bought this company for $ 300million cash.

Sabtu, 25 Desember 2010

How to make Google crawl your website faster (regularly)

Each and every webmaster and blogger wants google uncle to crawl their website or blog regularly. Google (Uncle) keeps crawling website all over the internet. But the crawling rate differs from website to website. Some are crawled every hour some are visited every day and even some are visited once in a month.

If google will not crawl your website regularly how will you content get updated in search engine. So to make google crawl you website regularly you must keep below points in consideration.

1. Update content: Update the website or blogger who update regularly will get more crawl for long run.

2. Back links: Increase your backlinks all over web. The best way to increase backlink is Yahoo answer, Forums, Wiki answer etc submit website in directories, social bookmarking. I personally use this method and it works.

3. Server: Host your website on a good server and a premium plan so that if google visits your site it must be available.

4. Use feed: Use feeds and email subscription so than it will be easy for google to locate your site.

5. Page loading time: Optimize your page loading time so that google can mover all over your site quickly if your page take too much time to load then google will be unable to load other pages of your site.

6. Page rank: Google gives first preference to higher page rank. Websites with higher page rank get crawled daily.

7. Internal links: Make best use of internal links from content to content Example: By linking two same label post with each other so that google can move to other page easily.

How to know when Google crawled your website

IOWhen it comes to traffic for blog or website maximum contribution is from search engine. And it comes to search engine we always remember google first. The question is how to know when google last crawled (visited) your website. The answer is quite simple.

* Go to google search the website or blog. Go to Cached of the very first result (for latest crawl) and click on it and the full detail is provided.

Rabu, 22 Desember 2010

6 Amazing things about Google

We always use google whenever we operate Internet. But the story behind formation of google is very interesting. These are some amazing and intresting fact about google.

1. The very first thing is Google was started just as a research project in Jan1996. In Standford University by PhD candidate Larry Page & Sergey Brin.

2. The name Google was an accident. A spelling mistake by founder the original name was 'Googol'.

3. Google have more than 4,50,000 servers located all around the world.

4. Google is published in 124 languages (till 2010)

5. Google has largest network of translator in the world.

6. Google has largest corporate Solar panel in US.

Senin, 20 Desember 2010

Top 10 People search engines, Website to find People

When we want to find any info about any thing we search on search engines (google). But what about when we want to find people whohave send you email, invitation etc. We cannot find all people on google so for finding people there are special search engine.

Below is the given top 10 people finding website (search engine)

1. pipl.com
Pipl is one of the biggest people finder portal in the world. With information from all around the world.

2. spokeo.com
Founded in 2005

3. peekyou.com
Founded in 2006 by Michael Hussey Peek
Claims to have indexed over 230 million people mostly in the US and Canada

4. wink.com
Founded in 2007.
Having datavase of more than 200 million people

5. whozat.com
Founded in 2007
Having database of people from all around the world.

6. 123people.com
Founded in 2007 by European IT with funding from Austrian VC Gamma Capital Partners

7. jantakhoj.com
Founded in 2009
It is India's 1st people search portal. Having database of more than 500 Indian people.

8. people.yahoo.com
It is being carried on by Internet gaint YAHOO

9. facebook.com
Founded in 2004
And now having more than 500 million active users

10. zabasearch.com
Founded in 2005
It has database of US people. Their phone number, address(past & present) birth year etc

Minggu, 19 Desember 2010

The £520 iPad

Ok, so i never got round to writing that iPad review, but it's still in testing ;). After having a really bad week with the Man Flu & the Snow, I received a very welcome gift from T-Mobile....

£100 cashback for the iPad!!

Yes, thanx to a company called Quidco, I got £100 cashback for the iPad, meaning my up-front cost was only £99! Sweet!

Now, with a 30% discount thanx to T-Mobile's Friends & Family scheme, I am only paying £520 over 2 years for the iPad!! That's cheaper than buying direct from Apple, plus I get 2Gb of data to use per month! How freaking sweet is that??

Anyone not sure about getting the Pad, if you know a T-Mobile or Orange employe & can get you the 30% monthly line rental discount, then get the iPad now!

So this is now what i'm paying:

  • Up-Front cost for the iPad - £199
  • Quidco rebate - £100
  • Monthly line rental - £17.50
  • Total cost over 2 years - £520
There is 1 drawback though.... 'Please note that cashback will not be awarded until the SIM has been active for 3 months.'

That sucks. Damn you T-Mobile!! But i digress, I get £100 cashback after the simcard has been active for 3 months. That's not so bad really. 

Here is the link for anyone who wants to go through with the cashback offer: https://www.quidco.com/t-mobile.

Jumat, 17 Desember 2010

Nokia N8 price INDIA, Why nokia N8 ?

Nokia N8 is a Symbian OS terminal, 12-megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics, with 3.5 inch display, HDMI output, Dolby Digital Plus Surround, GPS Navigation, Maps any many more exciting features

3.5-inch AMOLED capacitive 16:9 ratio 16M color display

Screen resolutions of 360 x 640 pixels

Micro USB port

3.5 mm audio jack

FM radio

12 mega pixel camera with autofocus

Xenon flash

20x digital zoom

16 GB storage, 256MB RAM, 512 MB ROM

Upto 32 GB micro sd Storage space

Scratch Resistant Screen

Bluetooth, WiFi

Price IN (Rs) 26000 approx

Kamis, 16 Desember 2010

How to Read .txt (Notepad) or pdf Document in Mobile phone

If you are reading any important document on Computer or Laptop for very long time you get Bored or your head starts paining. So make it reliable you can read same document on your mobile. You just have to download a free and very small software on your mobile.

1. First you have to save any other document to NOTEPAD format. If it is pdf then copy and paste to notepad and save it.

2. Now Import this NOTEPAD file to Mobile phone

3. Download software Yong reader or Mtext reader directly to mobile phone or download to PC and install in phone.

4. Now open software and select the file and you can read now.

Minggu, 12 Desember 2010

Data Recovery, How to recover data from pendrive, mmc, sd, cards Hard Disk

You might have visited many websites and downloaded many softwares to recover your deleted or corrupted data. But no Software or trick work for it the website you visit always says to download and purchase their software which cost lots of money.

And now a days exchanging data is very common as well as well as essential for every person. While exchanging data from Inrenet is very common and Internet have lots of Viruses, malware worms etc. While downloading from inetrnet they get into your COMPUTER HARD DRIVE, PENDRIVES, MEMORY CARD etc and corrupt them. Even the person who dosent use internet can receive virus from others.

When your data is corrupted or by mistakely deleted then what to do?

Here is a FREE DATA RECOVERY SOFTWARE and free registration for it.

1. For FAT format i.e Pendrive, Memory cards of any type. Click Here
    For NTFS format i.e Harddisk. Click here

2. Download the software from Download now link given.

3. After downloading Install the file

4. Open the Optimum Data Recovery software Go to HELP option on the top
HELP > REGISTER (don't worry it's totally free) > GET FREE KEY NOW it will take you to the company site fill the form given there and they will send you your free registration detail on you email address which you have provided. Enter the registration details in your software.

5. After registration Insert the disk from which you want to recover data Click on the disk and scan it.

 6. After scanning a Folder will open showing your data. Now select the data you want to recover.

                                                       AND YOU HAVE DONE IT.

Hope this article helped you kindly comment.

Kamis, 09 Desember 2010

Top 10 Indian blogger, highest earning bloggers

The days are gone when only Business man use to be rich. In 21st Century internet has became the necessity of people. And blogging has become the best source of earning. There are many young bloggers who earn tons of money all around the world. There are also many Indian blogger who are earning lots of money ever year and making fortune out of it. So I decided to make this post of Top Indian blogger.
1. Amit Agarwal    http://www.labnol.org/
Alexa Ranking 1,918                
Digital Inspiration, launched in 2004

amit agarwal

Amit Agarwal holds an Engineering degree in Computer Science from IIT and has previously worked with clients like ADP, Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch. In 2004, he quit his job to become full time blogger and India's first and only Professional Blogger.

2. Harsh Agarwal    http://www.shoutmeloud.com/
Alexa Ranking 3,491

Harsh Agarwal

Harsh Agrawal is young professional blogger from New Delhi, India. He writes about Blogging, Social media, WordPress, SEO, Technology and Make money online. Previously he was working with an IT firm Convergys in India. But now, He makes money by working from home.

3. Amit Bhawani Patel        http://www.amitbhawani.com/
Alexa Ranking 4,750
Launched in 2007

Amit Bhawani

Amit Bhawani and is am the chief blogger at Amit Bhawani Blog and founder of it.

4. Sandip Dedhia    http://www.blogsdna.com/
Alexa Ranking 5,637
Launched in 2008


Sandip Dedhia is a founder of BlogsDNA

5. QOT        http://www.quickonlinetips.com/
Alexa Ranking 5,685
Launched in 2004


6. Keith Dsouza        http://www.techie-buzz.com/
Alexa Ranking 6,944
Launched in 2006
Keith Dsouza

7. Ashish Sinha        http://www.pluggd.in/
Alexa Ranking 8,144
Ashish Sinha

An entrerepreneur, Ashish is gradate of IIT Roorkee & IIM Bangalore and has handled various functions at companies like Yahoo, i2 Technologies and IBM.

8. Jaspal Singh        http://www.savedelete.com/
Alexa Ranking 8.808
Launched in 2009

Jaispal singh

I really appriciate this guy he is the only blogger who have got such a huge popularity in very very short time.

9. Raj PP        http://www.techpp.com/
Alexa Ranking 9,512
Launched in 2008

Raju PP

Raju is the owner and chief blogger of TechPP. He holds an Engineering degree in Electronics and Communications and has previously worked in Banking software domain.

10. Rohit Langde        http://www.blogsolute.com/
Alexa Ranking 11,996

Rohit was student at G H Raisoni College of Engineering Nagpur

If you think that I missed some thing than please fell free to inform me by comment

Minggu, 05 Desember 2010

Wikipedia should start putting ads or not

Wikepedia is a non-profit company which means in part they have special tax exemptions. If they start earning profits by adding Google Adsense they will lose that exemption. Also they have to pay editors and authors for writing contents. Wikipedia has accurate, reliable contents and contents are written by experts
from all around the world. Wikipedia has around 157000000 page vie daily by which they can earn daily revenue of $ 400000. Still if Wikipedia starts paying for writing contents on its it will be in huge huge profit.

Wikipedia is ranked #7 according to Alexa. If ads are added to Wikipedia it can earn $ 400000 daily revenue which is much more than donation which wiki is getting now. Google Page Rank for Wikipedia is 9 which means a lot for Wikipedia for driving traffic from search engine. As Paypal user for donating to Wiki. It will affect a lot for Wiki because lots of donation which is collected comes from Paypal users.

So what do you think Wikipedia should start putting ads or not?


Yep...... I got it.....

I may have said to people in the past that I wouldn't get one, but on Friday, T-Mobile delivered me my iPad. And i'm well happy with it.

When the iPad was 1st announced, I - like most of the world - saw it as nothing more than a oversized iPod/iPhone. 6 months later, and over 2million sold, I finally got my hands on one.

Here is my justification for getting one....

T-Mobile UK are now offering the iPad for £199 on a 2 year £25 per month contract. Over 2 years (plus the upfront cost), the iPad will cost £799. This is the 16Gb Wi-Fi & 3G model that Apple sell for £529 Sim free. Now, with Apple's iPad deal, you get no Sim card & no Data allowance. With T-Mobile, I get 2Gb of data per month included. Now, if i were to get a Mobile Broadband Sim card to use in the iPad (Sim from T-Mobile), the Data would cost £15 per month. Times that by 24 & you get £360. Add that to the upfront cost (£529) & it costs £889 over 2 years.....

Ok, hope that made more sense to you than me!! Here is a simpler breakdown:

T-Mobile UK iPad deal:

  • £199 upfront cost for the iPad
  • £25 per month for 2 years
  • 2Gb of data to use per month
  • Total cost over 24 months = £799
Sim free iPad deal:

  • £529 upfront cost for the iPad
  • £15 per month (30 day contract)
  • 3Gb of data to use per month
  • Total cost for month 1 = £544.
  • Cost after month 2 = £559
  • Cost if used for 24 months = £889

So the T-Mobile offer is'nt really that bad when you think about it!

Ok, so a full review of the iPad is coming soon (prob on wednesday now), so check out my Blog soon!

Microsoft Word 2007 as blogging tools for blogspot, wordpress, windows live space, typepad and many more

And it added one more KEY feature in MS Word 2007 that is you can write publish post on your blog from MS Word 2007.
In MS Word 2007 you can edit your post as much as possible and publish.
Even if your are having slow internet connection you can publish post from it.
To start publishing post from MS Word 2007 below is given simple guide.
1.Open MS word 2007
2.Go to Office button-Publish-Blog
3. Write you content
4. Go to Manage accounts. Choose your blog provider. Create your account.

 And You have completed now. You can even create multiple blog accounts of different blog providers.