Selasa, 16 Januari 2007

Well, just a blog.....


Well again It's been a while, but I worked on this one before, just did not publish it. As an example the title started as "Happy new year!", so that's what I'll just give you: I wish you all a very happy new year and all the best for 2007!

At the end of January (31st, just like queen Beatrix of the Netherlands :-)) we celebrated the first birthday anniversary of Anne-Roos. She likes cake, we found out that ;-)!!! And as of the 25th of February she can walk! Yep it's official, she walked from the couch all the way to the dining room table, which is approx 15-20 steps for her! There are some new photo's of her (mostly :-)) in my photo album.

As I told before I'm currently on a project for Deutsche Post AG, thé postal firm in Germany. It's very nice to be in an international project like this. The projects assignment is to bring the current CRM system built with Epiphany which is a J2EE CRM Software package to the next level. The environment for this system is great since the CRM system itself connects to 16 (!)different other system by using mainly EJB / webservice interfacing. We will be responsible for first upgrading the current system from version the current to the next and after that designing and implementing new functionality, mostly involving "inserts and updates" to the interfacing systems.

In January I had the third module of the Leadership program and what I got from this module is that I still miss my dad... a lot... (he died of cancer in 2000) And that he pushed me a little to much to become independent in the past. He just wanted to do it right, because he did not get the opportunities when he was young. This brought me that sometimes I have some difficulties with deciding and I sometimes leave decisions to others, just to keep the peace.
This is gonna change! From now on I will stick to what I want.

And the last topic is the choice of my new car....
The short list at the moment is:
Renault Gran Scenic (the one at the back...)
Citroën C4 Picasso