Sabtu, 24 Desember 2011

Wireless Network Operator

What's Ahead for Network Operators? «
An issue that has not been addressed is how many wireless network operators
can thrive and survive in the United States. We are already near 100%
saturation ...

With AT&T deal dead what are T-Mobile's options?- MSN Money
After AT&T (T) finally pulled its bid for T-Mobile as a result of
regulatory concerns related to market share, the mobile network operator is
left looking for other ...

Reverb Networks Launches SON Solution for LTE Networks - Press ...
Reverb Networks, a leading developer of intelligent SON solutions designed
to provide mobile network operators with improved operational and spectral

Unauthorized wireless access points are detected by configuring authorized
... notifies a network operator of the existence of an authorized mobile
wireless unit ...

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