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Iphone Apps

LostWinds iPhone App Review -
Today: A great WiiWare game gets a touch screen conversion. A review of
LostWinds by App: LostWinds Price: $3.99 View this
app's page for more info: ...
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Daily iPhone App: Magic Guitar
Its goal is to bring new musical experiences to people through technology
like the iPhone. The company's latest release, Magic Guitar, definitely
follows that philosophy. Like the very popular Magic Piano for the iPad,
the app enables you to "play" ...
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Fresh iPhone Apps for Dec. 30: Grid Lens, Cloth, Jailhouse Jack, Night of
the ...
You might want to check out Grid Lens for the big night, an app that lets
you take interesting photos and arrange them in grid frames to tell a
story. If you're stuck on what you might wear to your Dec. 31 parties, use
Cloth to share your outfits and ...
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iPhone App Download Numbers Will Blow Your Mind
Vision 2 Mobile
New numbers from mobile-ad firm Fiksu show that the top 200 free iPhone
apps in the Apple App Store were downloaded at a pace of 5.65 million per
day. It's the first month that the number has broken the 5 million/day
mark, representing a 15 percent ...
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10 best iPhone and iPad apps for making you laugh
... much about the price, but with all of these apps landing at well under
the £10 mark for the lot, and each one guaranteed to produce at least one
solid belly laugh each, there's little reason not to donk them all on your
iPhone or iPad immediately. ...
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Your New iPhone: What You Need to Know
PC Magazine
Get some apps—especially free ones. The App Store contains almost half a
million apps now, and many of the best ones are free. We've covered this
extensively, so let us steer you in the right direction. Our 50 Best iPhone
Apps story covers both free ...
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Want a cheap drink? This app is for you
WHAT: A free app that debuted in the iPhone app store Wednesday that uses
GPS to list the nearest drink and food specials. BE INCLUDED: Business
owners who want their specials included in the application should send an
email to specials@lets ...
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How Symbian's Endurance Leaves Room for Windows Phone
PC Magazine
(You'll see this phenomenon in other criticisms of Windows Phone: critics
say "I looked for my favorite Android/iPhone apps and didn't find them," as
opposed to looking for apps that serve those functions but may be from a
different developer, ...
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iPhone App Video Review: LostWinds - iPhone app article - Andrew ...
By Andrew Koziara
Check out our new games page for in-depth reviews, price cuts and hot apps!
All Games · Social Games · Arcade · Board · Card · Puzzle · Word ...
iPhone App Video Review: LostWinds. Posted December 29, 2011 1:45pm by
Andrew Koziara ...
Appolicious Advisor

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