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Fwd: Google Alert - Iphone Apps

iPhone users downloading more than 5 million free apps a day
For the month of November, the total number of downloads of the top 200 free iPhone apps in the US hit a record 5.65 million per day. That figure was 15 percent higher than the 4.91 million seen in October and a full 83 percent higher than the rate ...
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MUSE iPhone App Review - AppVee.com
Today: A new iOS shooter with no relation to the band of the same name. A review of MUSE by http://www.Appvee.com/ App: MUSE Price: $5.99 View this app's Appolicious.com page for more info: ...
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Fresh iPhone Apps for Dec. 29: Crazy Hedgy, Gravity Rocks, Wind Up Robots ...
The iTunes App Store remains frozen for the holidays, which means there haven't been new games in a few days. Nevertheless, Thursday traditionally sees a crop of cool new games to play, and while there aren't technically any "new" games in the App ...
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Free app to track lost iPhone
Gregory had done something very smart when he first got his iPhone. He had turned on the 'Find My iPhone' app. That meant, he could then go to iCloud.com from any computer to access a map that pinpointed his phone's location. ...
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Ardara man's Iphone App a huge hit
Donegal Democrat
That's some achievement, especially when you consider that there are more than half a million Iphone apps out there!" But he's not planning on resting on his laurels. The team, based in Niall's adopted hometown of Galway, are already working an another ...
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Donegal Democrat
Hipstamatic for iPhone
PC Magazine
Hipstamatic has a similar mission statement: "The Hipstamatic for iPhone is an application that brings back the look, feel, unpredictable beauty, and fun of plastic toy cameras from the past." But these two are hardly the only iPhone apps that can fade ...
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iPhone App News: Air Dictate brings Siri to Macs
Apple's iPhone 4S exclusive voice commanded personal assistant Siri has made the jump to Macs thanks to the new iOS iPhone app, Air Dictate. Allowing iPhone 4S owners to sync their handsets up to their Apple branded home computers and laptops Air ...
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WritePad for iPhone and iPad
Macworld (blog)
by Brian Beam, Macworld.com WritePad is an app from Stan Miasnikov that brings handwriting recognition to the iPhone and iPod touch; iPad users have a version all their own, WritePad for iPad. Having owned two Newton MessagePads, I've been eager to add ...
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What You Need To Know About Siri on iPhone 4S
PC Magazine
Unfortunately, Siri is unique to the iPhone 4S model only, and, according to a report, Apple has no plans to add Siri to older iPhones (though rough workarounds are emerging). However, there are similar apps on the market, the most impressive one being ...
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Samsung Galaxy Nexus vs Nokia Lumia 800 vs iPhone 4S Comparison/Review. Part 2 ...
Unwired View
Unlike Android, iOS visually changed very little since 2007 when Apple introduced the iPhone and revolutionized the touchscreen user interface on mobiles. There's the horizontally scrollable grid of apps and folder, while an omnipresent bar with 4 ...
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iPhone app downloads up 83% since last year, hit 5 million per day
By George Tinari
App downloads on the iPhone in November nearly doubled from 2010 and, for the first time, downloads per day passed the five million mark.
New iPhone App Lets You Blow Up Your Co-Workers! – Dog and ...
At the risk of destroying whatever productivity is left in Carlo's day, I must show you all one of the coolest apps I've seen in quite some time.
Dog and Pony Show
App Smart Extra: Top 10 New iPhone Gaming Apps for 2011 ...
From Scribblenauts Remix to Minecraft -- new games for all ages.
Taming the Chaos with Clever iPhone Apps — Zoomed In
By Maurie Hill
Finding useful iDevice apps when you're blind or visually impaired is a unique process for a few reasons. Visually browsing the Apple store, quickly skipping over the ones that don't interest us just isn't possible. And whether or not an app is ...
Zoomed In

Most Popular iPhone Apps and Posts
2011 gave us iOS 5, one of the best upgrades to Apple's mobile operating system , and plenty of great apps. Here are the most popular iPhone-related posts and ...
4 New iPhone Apps for 2012 - TheStreet
Here are four recently-released or revamped iOS apps poised to make a big splash in the new year.

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