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Smartphone Apps

Apps make holiday shopping easier
Ventura County Star
23, 2011 photo, an Associated Press reporter is shown demonstrating an app
for shopping in front of an Old Navy store in San Francisco. If you're
trying to save cash and time this holiday season, a slew of smartphone apps
can help. ...
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Trevor Eckhart Speaks: The Connecticut 'Geek' Who Ignited The Carrier IQ ...
Hartford Courant
He had heard vaguely about the software, investigated it and discovered
what it was doing. Eckhart, 25, who works with an online group that builds
customized apps for tablets and smartphones, said he and others have known
about the software for months. ...
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8 Holiday Apps That Are Just Plain Silly
The holiday season is in full swing, and smartphone and tablet app stores
are flooded with products designed to capitalize on the winter cheer. Old
standbys such as Angry Birds Seasons debut timely updates to revamp gamer
interest, while apps such as ...
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Smartphones on the job search
Pacific Daily News
Have you ever considered using smartphone apps to make your job search
easier? We think you should. To help, here's a list of job-related apps to
take your job search mobile: •Business Card Reader: You're at a
networking event and collect a bunch of ...
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In 2012, voting will be more high tech
Denver Post
And even more states are turning to the Internet to bombard potential
voters with information on Facebook, smartphone apps and Twitter. By
joining up on social media sites — 21 secretary of state offices have
Facebook pages and close to 30 are now on ...
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6 Smartphone Apps To Help Save On Holiday Shopping - Yahoo ...
From Yahoo! Finance: With the help of these smartphone apps, you can save
money and find upcoming deals for the holidays.

Christmas Smartphone Apps - PC Mike's Tech and Gadget Blog
The holiday season is full upon us now as we countdown to Christmas. If you
have a smartphone, there are some apps that can make your holiday easier
and ...

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