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How Occupiers are using live streaming and Skype for a cohesive voice
Protesters are now both live streaming events and using Skype as a
megaphone, sometimes literally. According to The New York Times, live
streaming website Ustream has over 700 channels dedicated to the Occupy
movement. The point of live streaming is to ...
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Skype Co-Founder Wants Free Broadband For All Americans
Operating under the mission statement of "the Internet is a right, not a
privilege," Niklas Zennstrom, one of the co-founders of Skype, has
introduced an idea of bringing free broadband services to the United
States, one that would be powered ...
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"The People's Skype" And Occupy Wall Street Hackathons
Fast Company
BY Neal Ungerleider Mon Dec 12, 2011 Academics and researchers sympathetic
to the #Occupy movement have created a "People's Skype" and participated in
a multinational hackathon that took advantage of a massive social media
archive. ...
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Kanda Software Releases Callnote Call Recording for Skype and Evernote:
Free ...
PR Web (press release)
Kanda Software, a leading software development firm, has announced that
Callnote Application for Skype (TM) is now freely available. Callnote is
currently among the most popular applications in the audio call recording
category of the Skype App ...
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I might be 107, but I can still reach for the Skype
Yorkshire Post
But now at the grand old age of 107, she has a greater mastery of the
internet than someone half her years, even taking part in a masterclass
about internet telephone service Skype. From the comfort of her home at
Rossefield Manor in Bramley, Leeds, ...
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Santa goes high-tech: Connect with Santa through Twitter, Skype and your
cell ...
Parents can register their kids for a 10-minute Skype session with
him—all the way from his workshop in the North Pole—by arranging a
session through the Eaton Centre. But a Skype chat with Santa isn't the
only way you can connect with the man in red ...
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PDS and Vidtel Enable Affordable, Cloud-Based, Interoperable Video ...
Sacramento Bee
SMEs' only options until now have been expensive solutions designed for
large enterprises or consumer-grade services such as Skype. Addressing this
void in the SME market, Vidtel has developed cloud-based video conferencing
services. ...
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Students' holiday artwork enlivens downtown Towson
Baltimore Sun
Thanks to Skype technology, fifth-grade students at Cromwell Valley
Elementary Regional Magnet School of Technology are making connections this
year across the northern hemisphere. The class' with their furthest
exploration yet – Hawaii – is scheduled ...
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Students in Joplin receive gifts from Fargo students
Students in Fargo got to watch the opening of those presents in Joplin via
Skype. Teacher Barry Olson dropped off the presents in person. Christmas
comes early for 165 elementary students affected by the devastating tornado
in Joplin. ...
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Navy father surprises family at a Haverhill school
His wife and children came to the classroom for the Skype session as well.
Little did they know it was about to turn into a face-to-face moment. "I
was scared, nervous, happy and sad," said Angelina Karus. "I didn't
really understand what was happening ...
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