Senin, 26 Desember 2011

Nokia Apps

Nokia Lumia 800 And The Enjoying Media
Tech Gadgets Web
A good feature is the ability to control what is playing whatever app or
software the phone is running. Similar to the function in Android, when
playing music a bar appears at the top of the interface that can slide down
over all other apps when the ...
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Nokia N9 gets more updates, becomes Arabic-savvy
Peninsula On-line
The latest updates released by Nokia also provide enhanced home screen,
accommodating more applications in a much simpler manner, guaranteeing
users seamless and uncomplicated control of the handset whereby N9 users
can instantaneously switch between ...
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Special Christmas Apps for Nokia phones
Here are some Special Christmas apps for your Nokia phones to brighten the
festive mood. These special Christmas apps offers information on Christmas.

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