Senin, 05 Desember 2011

New 360 update Brings TV Content Tomorrow

Microsoft is pushing out its redesigned Xbox 360 interface tomorrow and with it comes the first wave of entertainment app updates for the console. In the UK this means a LoveFilm application but the US is getting some more meaningful additions like Hulu Plus, ESPN and Netflix. Other European countries are getting localized content so that Spain, for example, gets something called “Telefónica España Movistar Imagenio” which sounds brilliant, at least.

There is another wave of content due later this month which brings 4 On Demand and Demand 5 as well as various internet streaming services like MSN Crackle and blinkbox.

In 2012, there will be further access to MLB.TV in the US & BBC iPlayer access to the UK.

As well as a redesigned interface, this update brings Bing and increases the scope of the voice control with Kinect. Those 360 owners who want to will be able to search their consoles using Bing to find all related content as well as being able to control the new wealth of entertainment applications using voice and gesture.

I for one cannot wait for this release! 

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