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Mobile apps making

Shoreline Community College Introduces Mobile Apps
"The mobile apps we've launched are milestones, visible evidence that we're making progress," Lambert said. "We're following the blueprint, taking the steps necessary to make sure we're meeting the needs of our students and the community. ...
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App could aid Parkinson's sufferers
The Press Association
He said: "Many people with Parkinson's already have and use mobile phones, making them a low-cost, simple and effective way for helping people improve their own speech. We've already developed a basic mobile phone application to improve speech, ...
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Is Windows Phone's consumer focus killing it?
Ars Technica
Kindel, whose final role at Microsoft was to lead the design and development of the Windows Phone application platform, argues that of the four relevant stakeholders—mobile operators, hardware companies, OS vendors, and consumers—Windows Phone is ...
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Chili's Mobile Push Puts the App Back in Appetizer
Daily Deal Media
"With an estimated 142 million smart phones sold this holiday season," the company said in its formal announcement of the mobile push, "new iPhone and Android users as well as smart phone veterans, can now enjoy the new Chili's app, making location ...
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Five tech trends to watch in 2012
2012 will mark the beginning of exponential growth for Mobile Augmented Reality (MAR). According to a report from Visiongain, 25% of all app downloads will feature some sort of augmented reality. Though adoption hinges on more powerful, high-speed and ...
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Best Tech Predictions Of 2012
2. Mobile development happens from the ground up. A new development environment will drive new markets, competition, and companies. The days of taking existing applications and trying to mobilize those applications are numbered. New applications which ...
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The Threat And Opportunity Of Mobile: How Physical Retailers Can Fight Back ...
Seeking Alpha
Brick and mortar stores need to figure out not only how to drive traffic, but also how to increase the purchase amount and conversion rates, create loyalty and return customers and more. Cyriac Roeding, founder of location-based mobile shopping app ...
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Mobile payment wars adds to developer headaches
If you are in the business of developing mobile apps, you mainly care about making money. And to make money, you have to charge for it, and in-app billing is ...
Chili's Grill & Bar Mobile App | Restaurant Magazine
The new apps and mobile site are user-friendly with a clean interface, making it easy for new smart phone users and Digital Natives alike to search for the ...

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