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Iphone Apps

Top AppAdvice News And Apps Of The Past Week
Apple, moments ago, unveiled their best apps for 2011. The top iPhone app
of the year is Instagram, while the company's best iPad app is Snapseed. In
addition, Apple revealed that Tiny Tower and Dead Space for iPad were the
best games for the iPhone ...
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Awesome iPhone Apps for Pregnancy
Babble (blog)
Enter the iPhone. I have found a variety of apps that have given me
resources and knowledge that I would otherwise not have access to. And some
that compare the baby to fruit each week. And I thought that since there
are other iPhone, iTouch and iPad ...
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Google Currents is latest Newspad reader-feeder app
by Mel Martin Dec 10th 2011 at 9:00PM We had an explosion of news apps this
week. Zite added an iPhone version of its app, so did Flipboard. Now Google
has joined the party with Google Currents, a free app that creates a
magazine for you based on sites ...
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Six iPhone and iPad apps for the holiday season
ConsumerSearch Productopia (blog)
This year, you can preserve your sanity thanks to numerous iPhone apps.
Whether you need to catalog your gift lists, wrap a pile of presents or
come up with an inventive dinner menu, technology is here to help. Now you
can make the holiday season a ...
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Teenage Entrepreneur Launches New App Platform for Publishers
prMac (press release)
... England - EducationApps Ltd., an educational mobile app development
company, has created a new Multiple-Choice Question (MCQ) Platform,
allowing publishers to release MCQ apps quickly to mobile devices. The new
platform is available on the iPhone, ...
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Top tech toys for kids: Tablets and more
USA Today
$29.99, requires iPhone or iPod Touch and free app. Rating: 4 stars (out of
4) This box of 144 Lego bricks comes with a special playmat and a guide on
how to play this game using an app downloaded onto an iPhone or an iPod
Touch. ...
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My Top 9 Apps For Your New iPhone 4S | Redmond Pie
By Oliver Haslam
The iPhone 4S is selling like hotcakes worldwide, and new iPhone owners are
picking up their first entry into the iOS ecosystem all the time. We get
plenty of requests for app recommendations here at Redmond Pie, and with
Christmas around ...
Redmond Pie

iPhone App Developer with a keen design eye (mountain view ...
By SysAdmin Job Central
About Gigwalk Founded in October 2010 and based in Mountain View,
California, Gigwalk is the leading marketplace for work on the go. Gigwalk
connects individuals looking for flexible work with businesses who need
access to a skilled ...
Systems Administrator Job Central

Apple selects the best iPhone apps for 2011 - Yahoo! News
From Yahoo! News: Photo editing and sharing application Instagram has been
awarded the coveted title of iPhone App of the Year.

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