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Mobile Apps Count Nearing 1 Million Says Analysis Firm
The company did not mention the basis of its claim, though, as it is not
clear whether it counted the same app on all the platforms or unique
applications. Mobilewalla said in a press release that an average of 2000
mobile apps enter the mobile app ...
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15 Tips for Launching a Successful Mobile App
Many of us have dreamed up great ideas for mobile apps. We're sure we can
develop an app innovative and unique enough to generate broad appeal, to
achieve star power above all other apps in its class. At this point, you've
defined your big idea. ...
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UTest, Boosted by Surge in Mobile App Development, Inks $17M
"Mobile is growing the fastest, growing faster than desktop and Web,"
he says. "It's absolutely white hot. And it's not just for startups."
He says the uTest model works well for mobile applications because it
"enables you to test across locations, ...
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Pyxis Mobile Further Expands Global Reach Through Partnership with Keane
MarketWatch (press release)
As enterprise mobility continues to gain momentum, a growing number of
large companies are actively looking for solutions to deliver mobile apps
to their employees and customers. Businesses are increasingly turning to IT
consulting firms for ways to ...
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Design News - Do Engineers Have Appetite for Mobile Apps?
It answers a number of questions I've had about why all these mobile apps.
Are people really using them? I believe there is a generational aspect to
this. Young ...

Dragon Mobile Apps Blog from Nuance: Dragon Go! + Cyber ...
Dragon Mobile Apps Blog from Nuance ... After all, Dragon Go! makes it so
easy to shop all over the web for whatever will make your friends and
family happy ...

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