Senin, 05 Desember 2011

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Exploring The "Labs" Trend in Consumer Startups
It's a different kind of gamble, but in the mobile app world, the skills
are very specific and in short supply. And with all the competition in the
various app stores, it's nearly impossible to predict if a new product
launch will flop like Color's ...
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Emergency messages
Android Apps
+ Save a text message (SMS) and all mobile numbers that are necessary for
when you're in a dangerous situation or emergency situation you can quickly
send the stored message. + This is possible through a simple user
interface, where once all the ...
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SAP To Acquire SuccessFactors For $3.4 Billion
All Things Digital
SuccessFactors' cloud expertise and know how, rapid cloud innovation and
proven success running large scale cloud deployments will help SAP
customers more rapidly adopt cloud applications. SuccessFactors' mobile
applications combined with the mobile ...
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WASPA asks for help to reduce spam
IT News Africa
Chair of WASPA`s Code of Conduct Working Group, Russel Stromin, says "It
is vital that the industry, and consumers of mobile content and
applications, work hard to create an anti-spam culture right now. We all
need to cooperate on ways to stem the tide ...
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2012 – it's all about the #mobile #web - Mobilise - Strategy and ...
excerpt: The jury is out on the next big thing for mobile and it's pretty
much unanimous - all eyes are fixed on mobile web. Mobile is no longer a
fad, it works, and ...

Mobile applications require re-imagining the 'application'
Simply porting web applications to the mobile device represents a
particularly weak set of value – that is likely to elicit the comment 'Is
that all you can do?" ...

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