Rabu, 21 Desember 2011

5 Facebook Timeline Tips & Tricks You Must Know

5 Facebook Timeline Tips and Tricks to Enhance Privacy and security on profile. Privacy has been the most critical part in the New Facebook Timeline. Here are 5 Facebook Timeline Tips and Tricks which will help you to improve your security and Privacy on Facebook Timeline.

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Hide Content from your Profile Timeline

Why I dislike Timeline most is because it shows our entire facebook history and have very less privacy settings, our complete history is open to our friend, but on other part it gives a option to "Hide from Timeline" but you have to manually do all post which you want to hide.

Customizing you 'Favorite Boxes'

You can edit your Facebook Timeline boxes which are just below your profile cover, to edit the box click on small arrow and hide it. But you cannot hide your friend list and Photos from your timeline.

Hide Ads

Hover on ads and click on cross (x) button and after that it will will you for your review about that ad. This Facebook Timeline feature really does now works, it just hide that ad and show some other ad when you refresh or navigate to some other page.

Featuring Timeline Post

By clicking on the start symbol of any post the post will be features and will be shown in double column and will be on top.

Know how your profile will be visible to others

This feature will help you to know how others will see your timeline, and accordingly you can hide the stuff you want.

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